New Suzuki Jimny SUV 2019 – see why I love it… but you might not!


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This is the all-new Suzuki Jimny. When it comes to design, it’s hard to find a better-looking small 4×4 than the Jimny, and the latest edition is doing as much as possible to stay true to the original, unique design. But in 2018, with the small SUV market so saturated, does the Jimny have what it takes to seriously compete with the competition? Join Mat and see for yourself as he puts this new Suzuki SUV through its paces!

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  1. 3:30 is not completely true. solid axle usualy gives more or i'd say longer arm because it's pivot point is not so close to wheel in case of independent drivetrain so you probably can get over bigger something. but if this something is bigger than your suspension capabilities then your whees will hang and you need differential lock to drive over this. and i really think independent with lock is much more usable in different situations then solid axle without lock. and much more comfortable. also independent has no anchor-bulb on center and longitudinal levers that decreases your offroad possibilities by simple dimensions above car's bottom. so my opinion – this kind of smallness offroad car does not need no frame nor solid axles – and it shows how good it is working with such size if you check ATVs – they are usually has independents and plane bottom which is good helper on offroading. that is why i really doubt to buy Jimny as an only car for me. not comfortable for everyday use and it is not providing much more possibilities on offroads.

  2. How did he get to the autobahn? Also a turbo unit would suck because it would lag, which is never good offroad

  3. Suzuki Jimmy which is known as Gypsy in india has been the go to vehicle for indian army for decades now. Really wish to own this Mk 4 version one someday. It looks awesome.


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