I finally bought a manual Porsche 991 911 GT3 – here is a look at the unique modifications of this Porsche GT3 and the reason why now is the time I have decided to commit to a proper manual sports car!

**Only open to residents of the UK/ROI**


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22 thoughts on “NEW CAR! I Bought A MANUAL Porsche 991 GT3!

  1. I honestly never realized how “in-tune” J was with his cars, until this video. Mad respect for your vision and passion!

  2. As it should be. I would never buy a car this expensive and not get the manual transmission if it was an option. The only car I would get that isn’t manual is a gtr

  3. Hi James, thanks for this vid… very interesting. i have the same 918 seats, could you please post the ref for the cushion and the trick? have the same sitting issue. thanks in advance

  4. Performance cars use matic trans because humans will fail in shifting gears even in major races like le mans, theres no reasons in using manual on 24hrs endurance race. Pdk is so durable than manual porsche said. Let's put at this way, porsche makes manual options for their cars because of driving enthusiasts who can buy their cars but don't understands car design. Manual trans is very good, for example these cars : miata, lotus' cars, lower cc engines balance, speed and weight the golden rule for more involving fun to drive cars. But matic trans like pdk is very good, for that 4.0 flat six beastly engine. That's why italian and japanese car designers now don't use manual trans on there powerful engines. Ok yeah i know many of you would not agree. You try research for yourselves. Or drive manual performance cars who cares. Two things for sure, engine or trans will break sooner than porsche 200k km claim benchmark for their engines, or while driving and finding its extents something will break and it will kill you. Happy but you're dead.

  5. Funny, I’m thinking of the same color options – Chalk vs. Miami Blue, but for the new Macan. Do you regret not getting the Miami Blue? Between the two, which color option would you go for for the Macan?

  6. driven 1000's of porsches as a test driver for Porsche. GT3 in manual was one of my fav Porsches to drive, definitely the way to go.

  7. Would love to hear more car and less talking. I mean, c’mon, you do a video with one of the greatest sounding vehicles on the planet and you spend the entire time babbling on and on about yourself. That approach definitely does not tick all the boxes.

  8. How come you didn't wait for the new 992 GT3 or GT3RS, wouldn't the prices drop when the new car comes out. What're your thoughts.

  9. Absolute perfect choice from colour to w/out cage and of course the stick. Wishing you many joys and yes hopefully your son sitting beside you. Don’t stop James 👍🏻🙏🏻

  10. Every man has a dream car.. This is it for me. 4.0 liter N/A flat 6 pushing out 500 horses and a manual gearbox.. Not to mention the SOUND and the absolute beauty of this car.

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