Math toolkit demo


This is the demo of the free math toolkit app on the android playstore. It has the following features:
The quadratic equation solver is capable of generating random numbers and solving the resulting equation:
it will calculate the value of delta and than give the real solutions if possible.
A signs table will be also provided
A factored form can be also display.
The result could be shared as an email, or a message on messaging apps.
A parabola form changer from f(x)=ax²+bx+c to f(x)=a(x+h)²+k as well as parabola graphic transformations.
Trigonometric computations!
You can enter two values in a right triangle (ex: one side, one angle) and discover the others, all with step by step calculations.
The 2 equations system solver is capable of generating random numbers and solving two equations with two unknowns using the substitution method.
Converting from the octal base (8) to the decimal base (10) and vice versa. It supports the conversion of the fractionnal part as well.
Combinatory analysis tool
With this tool, and taking into account repetitions and order combination and permutation numbers are computed.


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