Love, Death + Robots Season 1 Episode 10 – 'Shape-Shifters' Reaction


Love, Death + Robots Season 1 Episode 10 – ‘Shape-Shifters’ Reaction


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  2. Would be interesting… To just have a movie of shapeshifters/mutants being used in war. No not x men. I meant like actual mutant monsters or something

  3. Um that’s not love death and robots, that one u watched is just shapeshifters. The love death and robots is an anime

  4. EXCELLENT CINEMA! Dont care about the bumbling moderator that's does'nt know his ass from a hole in the ground.
    Each episode independent and Amazing in creativity, acting and writing.

  5. Just need to tell you that you are coming across too loud. When I try to turn you down (volume), then I can not hear what's showing on love death and robots. So when I turn you down I miss what they are saying on the L,D and R episodes..
    And when I turn up the volume so I can hear L, D and R episodes , you blow me out with your loudness. So i don't know what can be done from your end so I can hear both you and the episodes of the other program. I love your viewing these for us and enjoy everyone of the episodes you have brought us. Hope you can come up with a solution because as it is now I have to watch every show twice. Once with the volume adjusted to hear you and when I do that I can not hear the other program.. Then I go back and rerun the your program turning it mega up so I can hear the LOVE, DEATH and ROBOTS show…but then your voice seems like its yelling..

  6. Agreed bro, this and secret war would be absolute HYPE and depression all at once if was a film. Suits and zima blue would be Hit children’s film


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