LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS | Inside the Animation: Shape-shifters | Netflix


How to use werewolves in present day warfare.

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LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS | Inside the Animation: Shape-shifters | Netflix

Terrifying creatures, wicked surprises and dark comedy converge in this NSFW anthology of animated stories presented by Tim Miller and David Fincher.


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  1. Just watched it again and i am still AMAZED at how well everything looked…great story great art…i want MORE !!! OOORahh !!

  2. I LOVE THIS but what episode was started with? Because i really wanna see the werewolf because i love wolves sooo much lol

  3. Wait, so the hot werewolf soldier who avenged his friend's death wasn't a real person?
    I can definitely see a spinoff series based on this, but I can't believe he's not a real person. So in the near future, there will be no need for overpaid, narcissistic actors. They can get a job like everyone else. Can't wait for that day.

  4. Our lady, what a spectacular anime, does anyone know if they are going to do a Season of Shape Shifters??

  5. I don’t understand why here American werewolves are presented as good? I personally liked their opponents because these werewolves live on their land and rightfully killed those who came to their territory. and then they showed how an American werewolf killed a young werewolf that even in an animated film you cannot do without killing children.

  6. This is by far the best werewolf on screen. We want more of this universe to be explored, a 10 episode series will be great. Please grant our wishes NETFLIX. Pleeeeeaaasseee…

  7. It’s like, how does a half an hour special do what a fucking hour or two hour movie can’t? If they can put such detail in this why can’t a movie like wtf?

  8. Can't help but wonder. This is gold, much better than most of the stuff I've watched on NF. The shorts in this series were really good. I could see a whole cult following for this Shapeshifters episode for example.

  9. Just skip the uncanney valley. So much exquisite artwork wasted on weird looking faces. They should stick with a slightly stylized look until the photorealism is perfect.


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