Lifeline Main With 33,000 Kills Tests *NEW* Lifeline Rework on Apex Legends (Is It Better?)


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how did you make it down here… did you sub yet? k cool thanks. love you


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  1. I just don't get why Gibraltar kept his fast heals. Makes no sense. DMG reduction, 50 hp shield, 360° shield, one on the strongest ults like dude C'mon he doesnt need it more than the combat medic

  2. I think gibby should just lost the fast heals and have a longer dome time because he is a defending character. As for lifeline give back her fast heals, have her new rez ability as an ultimate. But that's just my thoughts

  3. I was thinking also giving the drone ai maybe she can send it to a team mate and it’ll stick with them til it disappears

  4. Tbh I thought they were adding mobile respawn beacons as her ult… imho makes more sense. Can anyone tell me why his colors are off though? I kinda dig it

  5. I'm also a lifeline main but since she isn't mobile like wraith for exemple I have some issues with movement. Could you pls tell me your sens bc you look around really fast and DAMN your movements are smooth 😂

  6. Lifeline is not perfect! The revive is too OP. Bc when she is in the middle of revive, u cannot kill or stop her tactical revive until the player is alive, while hes healing (standing up), hes invincible. So now everytime i run into Lifeline now i have to thirst the downed player.

    They need to change the revive tho, either we can destroy the revive drone like everyone elses abilities, or we can rekill the downed player b4 we have to wait until they revive.

  7. I don't know why but I usually get better at the game if I watch one of your vids before playing, like actually cracked the rest of my session

  8. first how can you say the rework is perfect when this is your worst video ive ever seen you post how many times did you go down to a 1v1 im srry not trying to put you down but anybody who thinks she got buffed is wrong lifeline needs those fast heals yes the drone revive is awesome for third parties but lifeline cant do anything else but revive now im a lifeline main and my kd has gone down from a 3.8 to 3.4 since the rework. keep kicking butt cant wait for the next vid love ya

  9. Lifeline main here. I think that lifeline should be able to self revive always as a full counter to losing fast healing ability as well as her teammate healing abilities! Cheers

  10. Is he using mouse and keyboard on ps4?
    Cuz if so I ain't respecting this man, I didn't reach 11k on path for no reason and more with others
    I'm not hating on this man, he's got skills and a lot of it but I'm just asking if it's on mouse and keyboard since he types in chat with a keyboard

  11. Yo big brain idea-> LTM where you can only play the original 6 free characters, original guns, on season 0 kings canyon

  12. Lifeline has fast heals so she could heal quick then come back in ,but she doesn't ahve an escape way like a phase or something so they should've kept it

  13. My opnion is I started playing apex because it was special ,it had legends and abilities and personalities just like overwatch in a sense but it also felt like COD or something ,and it really did matter alot what legend you chose,but right now respawning is going down the path fo nerfing every legend wich means it gona become more and more like pubg were were all almost the same wich is really not what I want to see I want respawning to buff all legend abilities so legends are a bigger part of the game if that makes sense

  14. Lifeline rework is overpowered. I've made some clutch plays with gold backpack and constantly picking up teammates while getting pushed by multiple 3rd parties.

  15. I like it but the only shitty thing about it, are those shitty people who really thirst the person who is getting revived. Like they make it their mission to thirst the person being revived. AND if I knock lifeline there’s no way I can cancel the drone? It still revived even with everyone knocked

  16. Watching your aggressive play style with lifeline has helped me so much, I stay bodying people in ranked and pubs ! Thanks it helps a lot!

  17. Yo kobi if you don’t already you should listen to josh a and if you need music for twitch he said in twitter all his music can be used and you won’t have to worry about tos or copyright

  18. i like her rework since it brings more to the team, just wish people stop complaining about she not having fast heels & just play her differently


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