Let's Watch – Crash 3: Warped – Gavin Loves Bum (Part 3)


Gavin learns what the differences are between a shadow and a hole in Crash 3. Hint: You can’t fall down a shadow.

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  1. Achievement Hunter are the only channel that make me furiously hungry. I’m rewatching this during the lockdown and there are no delivery/takeaway chains open for miles because I’m in the British countryside and there’s literally nothing i can do about it. God I want a cheesy pizza.

  2. these mfs talked about cheese so much my vanilla ice cream starting tasting like cheddar and i realized they are very similar

  3. How does Gavin have a job on a gaming channel when he’s clearly fucking cancer at gaming…. why would you make him play this when he’s clearly shit… not really that enjoyable to watch to be honest. Such a shame. Legit cant watch anymore. All he has to do is try… but he can’t even do that.

  4. Damnit how am I siding with gavin on this. Michael, you are my favorite achievement hunter, but your taste in cheese is total shit. I love America, but american cheese IS garbage cheese. Swiss is good on sandwiches and crackers. You are crazy. Goat cheese is the best. Still hate you gavin.

  5. This video has several good moments but I always love to hear AH show off some of their impression and voice acting skills. 1:53.

  6. I just clicked on part three to see if gavin was any good before watching part 1 he's not it hurts me to watch him play how do you get game over the games not that hard gavin try harder

  7. This episode is sponsored by –
    "Real cheese comes from happy cows.
    Happy cows come from California.
    Real California Cheese. It's THE cheese."

  8. Shoutout Cooper sharp cheese? It's like half white American half sharp, a luxury growing up when going grocery shopping

  9. If I ever meet Michael my first question is why the fuck do you think American cheese is the best cheese because it's literally made of blended cardboard and yellow food coloring

  10. Oh my GOD!!!! THE FISH IS AN EVOLUTION JOKE!!!!!!!!!!
    After so many years of playing I only NOW find out!!??

  11. (Before starting the video) I wonder, will they react poorly to the unmatched bullshit that is "Road Crash"? (During) Eeyup.

  12. to be fair those holes on the racing lvl looked like oil slicks to me as well and i had my eyes right on the screen. its the angle

  13. As entertaining as Michael and Jeremy's bits were in Crash 2, the full Lads really tie the series together (to think during an earlier Let's Watch binge, I thought "No Ryan? No point").

  14. American cheese is trash. I would give up cheese if it was all there was. Goat, Feta and Mozzarella are the best straight cheeses. Havarti or Pepper Jack if we are adding peppers and seasoning

  15. it will probably never happen but I would love to see Michael play this game. And yes, I know that he's gonna sail right through because it's easy. But what I want is for Gavin to sit right next to him and talk shit regardless. Because Michael, in this video, went from being "poke fun at you in a friendly matter" insulting to legit insulting Gavin.

    and to be honest i always H-AT-E-D those goddamn racing levels in this game. at 50 minutes into this video I honestly expected Gavin to throw the controller and scream into the mic. Luckily, that was the attempt/run in which he finally beat that level.


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