Let's Play The Plight | Indie Horror Game Walkthrough


Probably should have left those memories repressed…

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Lamentable Tragedy: Life of Wu
The Plight [Working Title] is a first-person horror game which follows Wu in his attempt to find out what haunts the house he lives in. Players will uncover Wu’s dark past and recover his lost memories.

Created by TheCellarDoor

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Nguồn: https://potomacstewards.org/

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  1. For those wondering and complaining about not being able to watch the video I'm watching and have always watched cju' videos in it none o them have ever said video not available perhaps your settings might be wonky I really don't know but please don't ask cju to fix something that can't be fixed its just one of youtubes kinks so please just do t ask him ok?

  2. that chinese song @14.54 was quite creepy , because it translates. i am waiting for you to come … and thinking about you coming home … something like that

  3. You really should try this insane game: http://gamejolt.com/games/the-legendary-santa-tale/115664
    Bet you'll love it 😀

  4. At 2:15 that might be a small family shrine. A huge part of most Asian religion and spiritualism revolves around respect of ancestor spirits.

  5. Have you played the 2008 Alone in the Dark game? It's one of the most unintentionally funny horror games out there.

  6. Could use a lil' carpentry tbh; put some pzaz to the game. Maybe you could use those wallpapers into good use, eh?

  7. Well. That was cool! And the graphic is sooo pretty c:
    (I actually thought that the drowned child was, like, put in the oven and cooked…Yeah, I can't even understand a child's drawing ._.")

  8. Bummer about that song at the end giving you so much trouble. It was really catchy though… Also you should consider showing some of those terrible scary games you find. Fail scare games are usually hilarious

  9. Dude, I love your videos. You're probably one of the best LPers out there and you don't resort to phony over-the-top fake screaming and bullshit like that. I just wish you got more views. Anyway man, hope that doesn't discourage you and I hope you keep at it. The beard suits you too, by the way.

  10. This game shows why small free games are so important to support. This game was really interresting and scared me a few times 🙂 Great find Cju

  11. I remember seeing this game a while back, more like about a year ago or so. I can't remember who I saw play it, but the concept is about a couple of years old. Might've been done on UE3 or maybe the developer's own engine before moving on to UE4.

  12. One thing I've figured out in this life. You can always expect the Asian ppl to give you a good scare in either games or movies.


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