Let's Play Rockbot – #1: Walk in the Metallic Park (LIVE)


Welcome to my blind live Let’s Play of Rockbot 1: The Machine Wars (PC), an 8-bit freeware/fangame action platformer shooter that’s heavily based on the Mega Man Classic series. It was developed by Upperland Studios, and first released in 2009, with the latest release being in 2017.

Link to Rockbot:

Although usually classified as a pure freeware game, this game directly borrows graphics from game franchises such as Mario. So, I classify it more as a fangame.

In this episode (edited from the live session on January 5th, 2020), I complete the intro stage, and defeat Techno Bot, Dynamite Bot, Daisie Bot, Spike Bot, and Ape Bot. If you wish to view the raw stream, see here:

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Rockbot was developed and published by Upperland Studios.

Nguồn: https://potomacstewards.org/

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  1. I play it in this order:Mummy Bot,Techno Bot,Daisie Bot,Mage Bot,Dynamite Bot,Ape Bot,Seahorse Bot,and Spoke Bot last.I couldn't finish it,though,since in the rematch stage,It glitches into the roof,and I have to restart the whole fortress again😢

  2. Despite being a buggy game, Rockbot had some good stuff, The music being done by JMD, And Graphics that got replaced and speaking of the graphics, Rockbot is basically moddable Like Rockman 7 FC So players can replace the sprites with this for Example The sprite of Rockbot is Replaced by Mario
    Example: https://www.deviantart.com/pixelboy127/art/Mario-Rockbot-Skin-816546172


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