LEGO VS MINECRAFT – Which Can I Build Faster?


LEGO VS MINECRAFT – Which Can I Build Faster? Today I’m racing lego against minecraft to see if i which i can make a minecraft house faster in. I used to love lego as a kid, and now minecraft as an adult. I guess I never really grew up.

Who do YOU think will win? Guess before you start watching!

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  1. Plsss make more lego lol. I know its a minecraft channel, but u could make a little bit lego minecraft content maybe… ._.

  2. lego logic:stepping on a brick hurts more than stepping on a lego Knife

    minecraft logic:lava's damage is almost the same as a wooden sword

  3. This scares me he hasn't touched lego since he was a young teenager and last time I checked I am a young teenager. I do not want the same fate


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