La Rana – Incredibly Relaxing and Charming – Let's Game It Out (Full Playthrough)


We’re checking out another student game today, and this one is ENDLESSLY charming. Look at that frog! LOOK AT THAT FROG! SO CUTE!

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More about La Rana (from Steam): In La Rana, players explore the lost Rain Temple of Rana. Play as a small spirit frog who is the temple’s last remaining caretaker. Traverse its grand chambers and winding passages to restore its former power and revive your fellow frog spirits along the way. Developed by Frog Paw Studios and published by SMU Guildhall.


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  1. Your like audible but for games. I don't even need to play the games I can just watch you. Thats how lazy I have gotten, so sad…

  2. This was great! Both you and this game were so positive, nice and calming. Made me happy to watch this video.
    (The frog is just too cuuuute aaaah)

  3. I love the fact that this channel supports game developers by showing, playing, making constructive criticism, giving positive feedback, and also understanding the pace and rhythm of the experience, not to mention how funny and charismatic Josh is… great job, keep it up! <3

  4. Dude I smiled non stop through the whole video. I watch all your vids and I love how you f*** everything up and make a mess with what developers intended to do, but this one was great, really nice Indie game and a great playthrough.

  5. I love your normal, mildly insane way of doing things, but honestly, this was a great change. Just playing and enjoying a cute game and being supportive of student devs was a thoughtful approach and I'm glad you took it. Been watching your videos for a while, but this one earned a sub.

  6. That… was unexpectedly… sweet? and calming compared to most of your reviews I've seen. Of course, the last one I watched was for POGO…

  7. Very sweet game. And you didn't get snarky! It reminds me of a friendly pretty version of Quake. Or Tomb Raider. (I haven't playing games in a while, since before my daughter was born. She's a second generation gamer, I guess. She plays games like Nier Automata….)

  8. am i wrong or is this a sort of AZTEC RETELLING of the NARUTO story…
    and the next expansion will bring in THE SNAAAAIIIIL…snayelo or Snailiente or something XXD
    i mean look at it theres the frogs the snails…the ones are banished and only believed in by the ,,dark ones"


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