Kingman blasts a pair of home runs


9/10/75: Mets slugger Dave Kingman hits his 32nd and 33rd home runs of the 1975 season against the Pirates

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  1. I still cannot get May 17, 1979 out of my head. The third homerun of the day by Kingman, in a 23-22 loss to the Phillies, went beyond Waveland Avenue and hit the front porch of the third home on North Kenmore Ave. Mike Schmidt had 2 homers in that game, the final one was a 10th inning bolt off Bruce Sutter to win the game.

  2. Obviously a flawed player, but could hit a baseball farther, with the least effort, than any slugger I've seen in over 50 years of watching baseball.

  3. If the world was fair, Kingman would be in the HOF.

    WIKI: [He] was a 3 time MLB All-Star with 442 career home runs and 1,210 RBI in 16 seasons. In his career, Kingman averaged a home run every 15.11 at bats, tied for 14th best all-time. [He] was a power hitter, who twice led the National League in home runs. Kingman finished in the top 25 voting for National League Most Valuable Player four times (1972, 1975, 1976, and 1979) and American League Most Valuable Player once (1984).

  4. I wonder what Tommy Lasorda's opinion of Kingman's performance is?

  5. The most times Kingman struck out in one year was 156. He had 14 total years where he struck out over 100 times. If he had a better OBP, he would be the forerunner of many of today's homerun hitters!

  6. Notice that Kingman nearly at second base when ball went over fence. Not staring at it and barely reaching first. Part of the game that appears to be lost forever

  7. Another in a long list of ex-Giants who blossomed after leaving SF. Giants sold him to the Mets for $150,000. Kinda hard to believe.

  8. I'm surprised that no one mentioned that Ralph Kiner made one of his famous "Kinerisms" when they showed a replay of Kingman's home run. He said that "there's no question about it being a foul ball…" Also he said "It's not very often that a player will come back and hit one out of the ballpark after hitting a home run that was foul."

  9. People do not realize Kingman's per HR based on games played is probably in the Top 20 of all time. He missed so many / too many games with injury and still would hit 30 HR a season. Collusion ruined it for him as he was ready to sign with the Mariners. Rumor has it – LaRussa wanted Kingman back for the 1986 season but ownership wanted the nostalgia of bringing back Reggie Jackson for his final MLB career.

  10. I loved Dave Kingman and those Trio of great New York announcers of Mets and Yankees…..Lindsey Nelson, Bob Murphy and Ralph Kiner…….Frank Messer, Bill White and Phil "the Scooter" Rizzoto……never could forget and always sketched in my mind Bob Murphy's play by play saying……."hit to the mound coast, easy does it…Harrelson to Kranepool…two away…😁👍👍

  11. Imagine Kingman if back in the day, they had a "Home run derby, this guy would have been the winner ..year after year

  12. Would you believe Kingman actually bunted his way on twice in the same game? I remember watching a Mets' game about the same timeframe as this clip, against Montreal. Kingman wasn't necessarily slow, and he bunted his way on much to me and my brother's amusement. Then in a subsequent at bat he bunt his way on yet again, to me and my brother's amazement. Anybody else remember this? EDIT: Actually I think I found one of those bunt hits, looks like there was a runner on third who would have scored:

  13. Nobody hit more long fly ball home runs than King Kong Kingman.  Imagine how far they would have gone if they were line drives.

  14. Never remember actually seeing the man play live on tv but one of my favorite players as he is just swinging for those fences. : ) Also hearing about the controversy around him is what first let me know who the man was. He was no nonsense.

  15. Old time Baseball: Back when games were affordable to attend, the players could play defense and ESPN wasn't an SJW motivated network. Sigh.

  16. Kingman was blackballed by Baseball in 1987.
    Kingman hit 35 home runs in 1986 and no team signed him in 87 cause major league baseball didn't want him to hit 500 home runs.

  17. I used to go to Oakland A's games in '86 & '87. Canseco & McGwire were there. They couldn't compare to how excited the fans were when Kingman came to bat. It WAS an event…

  18. Kingman was hitting 450 ft home runs in HS. He played for Prospect HS north of Chicago, and we faced them. There were pro scouts and college scouts always around looking at him when he was 15. I remember hearing stories that Rod Dedeaux personally came to see him play as a kid. He pitched and his fastball was around 95. His home runs in little league and HS are still legendary.

  19. Kingman was a great power hitter, but he was also known as a very challenged fielder with hands of stone. Funniest line about this ever was said by Phillies announcer Richie Ashburn. This happened after Kingman's glove broke and there was a long delay fixing it. Harry Kalas, another great Philly announcer, asked what the delay was about. And Richie Ashburn quipped, they're out looking for a welder. Ha!

  20. Kingman was either a strikeout or a long homer…. I was just 12 years old when he did this… remember it like it happened yesterday…

  21. Wish there was a post of his 3 HR game against the Dodgers in 1976. I remember Al Downing wouldn't throw a pitch in the strike zone so he could try for 4 in a row. Drove my Dad crazy as he wanted to see if he could get 4 in a game.


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