kilroy 2 – gameplay HD


3D game with the Adobe shockwave player. Kilroy 2 isn’t new and there are many versions of it!
Link to game:

Set in a radio-active wasteland (supposedly Chernobyl) with many deadly mutated creatures that are very resistant to bullet.

The creatures are screaming loudly before attacking you, and as soon as you hear them you need to locate and kill it fast in order to survive.

The game is quite long because you have to go around the wasteland and find your way through, and at certain point you’ll have to walk up a ramp to reach the other side. It takes time to find the way and can be a little confusing with slow gameplay.
The second part of the game is underground and you’ll find yourself wandering along very dangerous corridors in a faster gameplay.

The graphics are in 3D but very simple, buildings and objects are just basic shapes and movements have limitation.

Walk around the buldings and sterminate all mutants, but make sure you have plenty of ammo because some of them are very bullet-resistant!


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  1. Kilroy 2: Chernobyl Farms::  Great game !!!  I have played this many times and beaten all levels.  The only place I could find it was on up the wazoo) or ($60 USD) to play the only good game on site.  Probably the only shooter I have really liked.  Thanks for the video

  2. I played this game so long ago. I was so young I didn't know what the blood was. I tried it 2 times but quit because the sounds and monsters coming at me so suddenly scared me lol


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