Kickstarter GRS ATARI Star Wars The Arcade Game USB Controller


The GRS Product line is expanding. First was the GRS Spinner, Then the GRS Trackball. Next I released the 12 in 1 board, and then the GRS TRON controller…. Our Next project is to get the controller from long ago in a Galaxy far far away…..closer to home… The GRS Star Wars Analog Joystick / Mouse USB Star Wars Flight Yoke! This rebellion controller is in its most desperate hour… Help us Retro Gaming Community… You are our only hope … Help Save the Galaxy and have the best gaming experience by supporting our first Kickstarter!


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  1. Hello Glen,

    Looks great.
    Are you still taking pledges for the project from England, UK and if succesful will you be able to send the controllers to England, UK ?

  2. Glen I did the max but have a couple of questions for you.
    This is my first kickstarter, how do you get addresses to ship because I couldn't find where to put mine?
    I have the Legends ultimate will the spinner and trackball work on it?

  3. Stun Runner looks sweet with that!

    An all the other games, too 🙂

    Great job on the Star Wars scene at the end. Awesome!

  4. Just pledged the max! Great work Glen! Question, how will the yoke be installed to an arcade1up cp? Will it come with a bracket or will we need to fabricate something?

  5. Needs a 5200 adapter since we got screwed out of one when Warner forced Atari Inc to cancel the 5200 and thus Dan Kramer didn't get the chance to design one for the Mighty 52 as he intended. 🙂

  6. I just pledged
    the max even though I already bought all your other products and just received the other day a second spinner. I'm building custom control panels for each of my favorite games so they match the original arcade layouts.

  7. Great to see this up on kickstarter! Love the added features of axis reverse and mouse options. Really insightful features.

  8. International shipping PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
    I really want this, I'm in New Zealand and would go for the full $250 backing.

  9. So the kickstarter page defaults to Japanese Yen for some reason. Also, it won't let you pledge $250, it forces you to pledge 32,900 Yen, which is ~ $300 USD. Fix the page!

  10. Glen – why does the Kickstarter page default to Yen currency? I think that is a bit confusing when all the text is in english, but the currency is japanese?

  11. Super excited to see this kick-starter! Backing 100% here, this is a great price and I have no doubt it's going to be awesome!

  12. I really am happy with the stock controls on my Star Wars Machine. I have your Trackball in my centipede and I also have your spinner in a Generic cabinet I made so I know this will be awesome. If I did not already have a star wars cabinet I would jump on this, The idea that it doubles for a steering wheel is interesting. While an $80 stick can do star wars just fine I do not think it would work as a steering wheel. Looks good and I am sure you will reach your goal

  13. Glen If I donate $100 you stated you get a Tron Stick and Tron spinner…Will that stick work with the At Games Legend?…Thanks

  14. Very cool. Would love to back, but presently have all these A1ups to pay off. LOL. Will do, when able. I wish you all the best for getting fully funded. Thanks for the heads up, and demo.

  15. So this will work with Road blasters Paperboy ect.NEET You need to put a block button on the back of the Tron stick so if we get Disc of Tron working BOOM we got it! IF a Bog OF Arcade 1 Up was smart they would buy this off you to use in a racing cab ect! But we know they dont want to pay hence them using a diff spinner in the new machines. I dont even have a Star Wars game but Ill back it!

  16. would we be able to map accelerate to the right trigger and brake to the left trigger (instead of using the forward and back motion)?

  17. How are you getting your injection molds done. I’ve got a WiFi speaker I made that’s all 3d printed and looking for injection molds at a good price.

  18. I wanna know more about that custom TRON cabinet in the background please!!! Please make a video about what cab you used an the game on display!! Also, a build video on that Star Wars Trilogy would be VERY much appreciated please glen!!! [begs]!!!!


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