Indonesia Travel & Spearfishing!!!!


Some gear that I would recommend to use
Gopro Hero 8 black
DJI Phantom 4 pro
Sony rx 100 VII
Seagate expansion 4 TB external hard disc
Pilotfly C45 portable 3 axis gimbal
Sandisk extreme pro 64 gb micro sd

My footage from some of the remotest islands of Indonesia.. On many of them I was the first white visitor.. Note that ALL the fish caught in this video was shared among locals.. The video was filmed all across east Indonesia on many locations..

This video was made for non-commercial purposes only.. New Video… Indonesia RELAX edition

Watch in 1080 HD


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  1. New video… Indonesia travel & spearfishing – THE QUEST

  2. Есть сотни подобных видео, но твоё лучшее что я видел ! Очень красивые места , видео и музыкальное сопровождение ! Удачи тебе в твоем деле !

  3. Fantastik Indonesia, Negara ku dan Bangsaku Indonesia. Video ini sangat bagus dan mengenalkan budaya kekayaan laut Indonesia. I love Travelling…..I love Indonesia

  4. Wakatobi island… Thank you very much from wakatobi people 🤽‍♂️🍌🍍🌺🤦‍♂️💚🥥🐳

  5. Hello I am watching you video since the Pandemia start. By far all you video is the best.Any body can help me to get the name of the song on track 14.30 till the end. I appreciate vey much. I am from the Caribbean !!

  6. Wonderful Indonesia!
    We loved it so much that we decided to create the video of our experience.
    Please take a look and enjoy it at:


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