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Welcome to Pinstripe! A game I was lucky enough to voice act in a bit.
This was a full game stream so things might be a little lower quality than normal! Super fun though, thank you guys 😀
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Outro animation created by Pixlpit:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here

Nguồn: https://potomacstewards.org/

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  1. 2:37:15 In the house at the ending, you get to see plushies of Mr. Dicky and Birdy on the shelf up at the top right as well as the blue house that needed the silver key. I think the plushie on the couch is the "monster" that Jack had to shoot when it was going for the Sack.. In the kitchen, the boiling pot represents Mr. Dicky's house at the start of the game and the "mega" clock has a fork and spoon. It's interesting to see when Gorgie's gate opening to read out god instead of dog, I'm not sure if it was intentional though.

  2. May 4 2017 was the day I found him…3 years already dang
    This was the day I found him cause of a good friend , great friend

    I'm watching this to remind me of the day I found his channel

  3. I think he should also give Neversong a try. There are some people that say it's iffy at the moment, but I think he may like it. I know I like it

  4. I reckon he's battling his drinking addiction of Pinstripe Whiskey and how it's taking him away from his daughter, exactly how Pinstripe takes Bo from him.

  5. Okay so, here’s my theory:

    So, according to the pills, Ted’s wife got stage 4 cancer and had to take pills for it. This would most likely have a big impact on Ted, and either after his wife’s death or when he got the news, he started drinking Pinstripe, a type of alcohol, to cope. This most likely ended up making him somewhat abusive, represented by how angry and insulting Pinstripe(the character) is towards Ted, while being overly obsessive with Bo. I also think the name either comes from Ted personifying all those emotions into a character to distance himself from it, or as a mechanism to help Bo cope with the abuse because she doesn’t think her father would ever do that and instead made some fake person up so she would still think her Daddy is a good person. I believe he, Ted, is in Hell or Purgatory, and trying to reconcile his grief to go to heaven. When Ted was drunk, he crashed his car into his own house, killing him and his daughter. But after reconciling, he was able to join his daughter and wife in heaven.

  6. Did anyone try to turn the time back in the large clock before the final boss fight with pinstripe? Did it do anything??

  7. Every year in May I come back to this video, sit down with a steaming beverage and enjoy three incredible hours. Such a beautiful game and chill playthrough. Oh, the memories.

  8. Here's my theory. So in 1922 Ted drank a bottle of "pinstripe" (remember that) got drunk and wrecked into their parsonage killing all 3 of them. the reason the newspaper said there were charred remains is that the wife was in the house when Ted wrecked the car. Ted was then sent to limbo where pinstripe took his daughter so ted feels that him being an alcoholic go his daughter tooken away from him


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