I'm done with this game.


Update video here:

Check out my Forza Horizon 3 playlist where I had no issues before the Hot Wheels update.

So I have not uploaded any videos recently and thought of posting some sort of update.

So after my last video, I reinstalled my WIndows 10, a final desperate attempt to fix this online lobby issue, and it didn’t work. Support forums have confirmed that they are “working” on the fix, but who knows whether they can fix this issue. Then I attempted to record some Hot Wheels Goliath run but my game is just crashing every 10 minutes. I kinda snapped and just stop touching this game.

Then hit the June 20th patch and it just became worse. The horrible frame rate while recording is back as shown in this video. The crashing every (insert random minutes) issue is still there. But now the input lag is back. I just can’t control my car anymore like I used to. It was fixed on June 8th patch and after the June 20th patch, it’s back.

Then the final straw is, after attempting to record short races like this video, it crashes at the finish line.

This video is the “Ultimate Zen” achievement by completing Highspeed Highway Sprint in under 2 minutes with the Zenvo ST1. There are already many guides showing either the stunt swap or the shortcut to get under 2 minutes, but I want to show that it’s possible to get this achievement without those.

I’m just taking a break until the devs fix this game. It’s a shame that my game is working fine before HotWheels update.

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  1. Hey guys, first of all I do appreciate that my technical issues with the game are getting attention. I'm happy to say that after the Hoonigan DLC patch on August 15th, the Devs has fixed almost all of my issues mentioned in the description. I love this game and I've made lots of videos prior to the Hot Wheels expansion patch before my game becomes haywire. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk8XQsXbhOZ5jo-XIAysthMHgJJIWCNbK

    So I will break down my issues a bit, they are in the description.
    1) DNS Error for online lobbies.
    The developers have identified my issue and it's due to the game using "port 1026" for their servers after the Hot Wheels expansion in which it's been blocked by several ISPs and countries. After the Hoonigan DLC, they no longer use that port for their servers.

    2) Game crash.
    So far I didn't crash once but this one only time will tell. But so far it isn't the crashing every 10 minutes I'm facing during the period when this video is made.

    3) Input lag was actually fixed in some random change before the Hoonigan DLC.

    4) Frame rate.
    Unfortunately frame rate while recording with Shadowplay is still very choppy but in-game I'm still getting 60 FPS, but not in recording. It's the same for this video, the FPS counter at the top right shows 60FPS throughout the gameplay but the shadowplay recording shows otherwise.

    So that's my update after the Hoonigan DLC. I'm happy the Devs fixed most of my issues. There are still some issues but I can live with it. Thanks and have a great day!

    For those who criticize about my driving line usage, see my name? IsuckAtDriving. That's why I'm a scrub that needs assists. For those who say I shouldn't play on a shit PC, check the playlist above. I have no issues in playing the game at 60FPS most of the time prior to the Hot Wheels update.

  2. That lag is painfull 😮😮😮😮😮😮 what game is this ? What u playing on year late but hey thats utube for u


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