I let my game fowl rooster out!


– Very efficient chicken coop/run, easy to set up. worth it!
– Great chicken hutch. to hold chickens. easy set up.
– Great cage for chickens, cats, dogs. perfect for transport.
– Cute chicken sign. I love it, neighbors beware haha
– Fake chicken eggs, get chickens laying real eggs!
– Great book on how to raise chickens. I recommend this, big time.
let my game fowl rooster out of the coop after being locked up in the coop for a 2 weeks. when he was locked up there was a young rooster who took over the flock. Lets see what happens when he is set free. must watch

Nguồn: https://potomacstewards.org/

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  1. HEY, if you like chickens consider SUBSCRIBING 👍I got a lot of entertaining and educational chicken vids.

  2. Find you a Rooster that’s about just as big & strong as The white game fowl rooster then make a video and post it Just Because You need you another Male chicken that can & will naturally come in & compete not just live in fear & be at the bottom

  3. A couple weeks ago my rooster died and we still had 7 Hens left and this weekend a rooster just showed up to my house and he got in the pin with my hens he looks just like your rooster you where calling lil rooster

  4. Anymore than one rooster is terribly cruel. If he killed another rooster in past why the Fxxx are you putting another in?

  5. That's not very nice dude, I never let a rooster bully another unless they both want to fight. Even then I cut in before anyone loses the fight

  6. You’re an absolute terrible person!!! Obviously you do not understand the genetic strong hold that still holds true in game fowl to fight to the death!!!! Yes your OEGB is beautiful, but that’s terrible to do to your rooster. Hopefully someone does this to you as karma sucks!

  7. White rooster 🐓 older and experienced . I used to have aseel fighter rooster it would burry this white rooster

  8. Dude if you know he could kill him why let it go on…. My old rooster would kill the younger roosters within 5 minutes… Smh why damage your profit…


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