I Destroyed Countless Lives Making Black Market Guns – Gunsmith


I Destroyed Countless Lives Making Black Market Guns – Gunsmith
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Gloves, the silent assassin…

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ABOUT: Gunsmith

Gunsmith is a industrial management experience where you start your own arms manufacturing company. You begin by picking a small empty factory that you want to start your journey in.

From here you apply and acquire licences to begin making your first military grade items. You will build up your factory by unlocking machines and technologies. At the start you will have very little and the government will not allow you to produce more serious items until your reputation has grown. With what you are allowed to do however, you can start to produce some products.

You will start of by being able to make small almost harmless things such as combat boots, combat trousers, combat vests with no amour. Once you start to fulfill these orders you will have the opportunity to apply to unlock even more licences to expand your factory and make new and deadlier items. Eventually you will be granted a licence to manufacture armor, then ammunition, then firearms, explosives and the list goes on and on.

This is not the only thing however. You will build up a reputation with your clients from around the globe. They may ask for certain items that might not be technically legal, or they may want to pay you in diamonds, cash or gold. If you choose to do business with such people that’s up to you as an arms dealer. They will always offer you a very attractive price as they will be paying for anonymity.

How will you transport the goods? Illegal arms usually travel in illegal ways and this is something you will have to consider depending on whom you chose to do business with.

Gunsmith does not just stop at manufacturing, it continues on into the political sphere, providing you with the opportunity to manipulate global situations, push politicians into certain ways and cause conflicts on the basis of selling more arms to create even more profit. ( This is by no means inspired by anything that is currently happening in the world today )

It will be up to you as a Gunsmith to overcome all these challenges and ultimately saturate the market and make as much profit as possible. How you do this will be up to you.

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  1. Gray, I've been watching you're vids for a couple of years and you have brought me many smiles and a few giggles along the way but man…. when that guy slid into position and perfectly sat on the other guys lap because you blocked the break area with plants!! oh man i think i may need some phsycological treatment after that one!!! DEAD

  2. I been watching you(re videos) for a while, and I found this spesific video because I was genuinely curious to see if this is a good game and 2 minutes inn I got a answer

  3. Who else keeps getting has to keep hitting the subscribed button because it keeps unscribing you for some reason

  4. Okay that is generally creepy I’m Australian and Ventus is a name I use a lot online, I haven’t been stockpiling cam gloves though. Edit: Ventus is not even a very common english name it’s Latin in origin


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