Hyperdrive | Will This Racer Win It All? | Netflix


Do Fielding Shredder and his 1997 Nissan 240SX have what it takes to conquer the Hyperdrive track? Watch as this 33-year-old from Texas takes to the course with his light weight 500 horsepower drifting car and encounters the obstacles for the first time in this clip from Netflix’s exciting new competition series, Hyperdrive.

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Hyperdrive | Will This Racer Win It All? | Netflix

Elite street racers from around the world test their limits in supercharged custom cars on the biggest, baddest automotive obstacle course ever built.

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  1. @2:13, " you see him pulling that big handbrake that allows him to lock up the rear wheels" what a great discovery, never seen that before

  2. Yes..

    Then we have these idiot comments.

    This could be good if we didn't hear these kids commenting on this stuff here ..

    In addition, we must listen to all this even boasting to these Americans.

    I'm the best I'm going to win. Or other "sad" things, or running for my brother, sister.

    And now I'm waiting for black drives matters..

  3. Going thru the water is so stupid like for real that shouldn’t be in the competition you’re literally blowing up people car doing that. if you know any thing about cars you can’t do that shit it’s stupid it’s like who ever came up the show don’t know shit about cars

  4. The show is not made for people that know about cars. The crappy and childish commentary is one thing. Those "stunts" are on one hand so easy that any wannabe hoon that knows how to work a handbrake could pull them off or the stunts like the water shit are just breakeing the cars. The leveler was just the most boring thing. You dont have to be a highly skilled driver to know how shit like that works. Its just a waste of money and cars.

  5. Do we really need four people to host this show? All they do is state the obvious! one host could do that! and the music is too dramatic!!!!

  6. Honestly shocked at how much I enjoyed this show. Fielding and Axel were both so exciting to watch and the show did a great job at hyping up rivalries and how close the last few races were going to be. Just coulden't get a grapple on the Commentating. Felt too eSports. 🙁

  7. See? What's the point of being the best if you're not having fun while doing it? The kid who won just looks like a robot doing that stuff. Shredder was not the best (the fastest, I mean), but he was having fun with every race. This makes his runs so much more enjoyable to watch than those two robots…

  8. I'm trying to find those lights that flash fast and with colors that are on the bumper but I dont know the name. Anybody knows


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