How YOU can Travel Full Time & Make Money on Social Media – 10 Tips to become a Digital Nomad


If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling full time or becoming a digital nomad, it has never been more accessible and I want to show you how social media marketing has taught me how to make money online and get paid to travel. These 10 tips will show you how anyone can become a full time content creator / travel influencer and make money with remote work by traveling the world and being location independent.

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  1. Sorry for the delay! I was in a remote side of Indonesia next to Papua New Guinea and wifi wouldn't let me make my Saturday post date.
    I would love to open this to you, what are some of the ways you make money online? And feel free to ask questions, I'm here to help 🙂
    If you are looking for your monetizable skilll, video editing is a great one and the need for it increases every day. Check this video to learn my TOP 10 tips to editing Travel Videos:
    See you next Saturday and let's get lost again in the next one.

  2. Thank you so much for this video i am in love with nature and i love to meet new people. I love everything about traveling. But my familie don't believe in me and that makes everything really hard i love to do this but if i tell them they wont seport me

  3. This was such a helpful video!! My dream is to grind so hard that I will eventually be able to travel and get paid ✨ I’ll definitely be starting as soon as this pandemic is over lol Also, check out my online boutique, I would appreciate it greatly 💘 💘

  4. Hi, so I have a question. I started my family really young so our kids are now grown and on their own. I’m 42 and my husband is 50. We are not young and beautiful like the two of you but we have a dream to do similar to what you do. Not quite world travel yet but we want to buy an RV and be travel influencers. Do you think two old farts like us can do it? My husband is so funny! We would like to travel and vlog our experiences. With so many Genx now so involved in social media we feel like maybe there would be a niche for us silly older folks with an empty nest so we CAN travel worry free now. I’d love to know what you think!

  5. Please teach us more master, Im on the verge of joining the army but this is the life i want. I just dont know how i can get it, but for the sake of practicality im joining the army but if i can do what i love, i want to be a digital nomad and travel the world. I am very artistic but i dont have a laptop or a good phone. I have great creativity but i still lack knowledge and some things.

  6. Sure, teach the Western middle class to go freeload in countries where salaries are 300$ a month. SHAME

  7. how much hard work it's really takes to plan trip make video and also editing it. .. do you really enjoy vacation?

  8. Im 24 in the Philippines, ive lost my job due to the pandemic butmive started to work on myself, Self love, learning, exercise, meditating amd growing . Daily reflection but i dont have anything, but you sir.really inspired me a lot today and i want to do phtography and video.editing but i dont have the things. I usually edit with just my phone but you gave me a reason to work hard and believe in my self more. I'll set some goals. Thank you 😁💯 i will buy and save and get me a laptop and camera when i get to work again

  9. The must-watch video if you think you are going to be an influencer. You may not like what is being said, but if you listen to the advice, you can succeed!

  10. I just spent 25 min watching this video, this guy just has the natural talent of keeping you interested in everything he says…

  11. Hey, this is the most helpful video I’ve seen yet! Lots of information and positivity. Thank you for the advice. 🙏

  12. I know this is an older video, but REALLY, the artificial speed on this makes it difficult to watch. And most of your ideas have nothing to do with traveling, so what the point?

  13. The DreamTrips Membership invites you to join a global travel and entertainment community of dreamers, adventurers and escapists, beautiful in our diversity and united by threads of curiosity and hope. As we traverse the world together, we are transformed by its cultures, colors and landscapes to become a part of something bigger than ourselves. We are exposed to truths that were unknown to us before we took the plunge into a lifestyle defined by togetherness, exploration and rich experiences. In short: This is no ordinary vacation — it’s a DreamTrip!

  14. Good content, Christian. I’ve been following you and you’ve been my inspiration to grow my luxury villa business and learn about editing and now video editing but so difficult. Anyway, Thank you and keep growing! Hopefully we can collaborate someday.

  15. Hi! If someone would like to travel and work as well i will recommend cruise ship. Im working in United States on a cruise ship and is amazing!
    See my cabin, comment and Subscribe so you can be updated! Cruise are the best

  16. I really inspired in this channel to make more travel vloggs in my channels…i will explore different places here in canada…

  17. I have a full-time job but also trying to mix-in being a content creator. Do you think it's possible for it to work?

  18. best videos you have…love to watch your vlog…the places you visit, i really enjoy it makes me happy,… keep safe ^_^


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