How to Use the Present Continuous – English Verb Tenses Grammar Lesson


Learn how to use the present continuous verb tense in English. You can see different meanings of the present continuous and how to use them in English. Practice this tense and more with a certified English teacher:

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In this lesson, you can learn about the present continuous verb tense in English.

Do you know to form and use the present continuous? Like many verb tenses in English, the present continuous has many different uses and meanings. You can learn more in this class.

You’ll see all the possible meanings of the present continuous; whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, you’re sure to find something new.

You can learn:

– How to use the present continuous to talk about actions happening now or around this moment.
– How to use the present continuous to talk about temporary or changing situations.
– Using the present continuous to talk about the future.
– Advanced ways to use the present continuous verb tense.

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  1. Sir, can u explain me something.
    Can I say I am forgetting the things i need when I want to say the thing that I'm doing at the minute

  2. Hi! Can you help me, please? Should I use the Present Continuous in the sentence "My baby is crying a lot this week" or it will be Present Perfect?

  3. You need to improve your voice. When you open your mouth to pronounce the words there always happens a problem because of your way of telling is loud in starting but till the end it's very week and low to understand that what are you saying…🤔🤔🤔

  4. We go to Bombay next week.
    We are going to Bombay next week. Both are preplanned then what is the difference between these two different structures.

  5. wondering why we need negative for present continuous……why can't we use present simple's negative???because negative is negative………

  6. Here I recommend to students to look at usage of TEMPORARY and TEMPORARILY at the times 5:40 and 6:17 accordingly.

  7. Thanks a lot. This video is very helpful for me. I’m realizing how broad meanings present contentious tense has.

  8. thank you for the great video . I have a question how can we put the verb realise into the continuous form while it's a verb of thinking and it's only come in the simple tense?


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