How to Roll a Blunt with Game Leaf Sweet Aromatic


Tutorial on how to roll fine cannabis cigars and review on Game Leaf Sweet Aromatic Flavor made by Garcia Vega.

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  1. bruh actually mad i couldn't smell the shit when you put it to the camera i know that gotta be that shit where you be taken aback by the smell, you know that shit that when you smell it you gotta make that nasty face like you just heard a fire beat or bar

  2. it would be nice if people knew how to say aromatic, and not aromic then play it off like thats slang for it. A big wad of cash can't stop you from sounding dumb as fuck.

  3. I love the Cognac…that cheap they're 3$ here…..motha fucckers. Stop teasing 😁😁😁enjoy🔥

  4. it grinds my freaking gears when the weed drops out the blunt while im rolling ugh lol like get yo a** df back in there dammit

  5. I rolled this shit too. its not bad . i rolled my shit same time as you. this blunt goes well with purple haze

  6. Damn i can never pat down n tuck the weed in my shit just falls out everywhere n i get mad asl n roll a good time lol

  7. Yo lm trippin balls a d everything in this video is so fuxking perfect why tf do you have so many lighters🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I mean nahhhhhhh that's funnny


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