Welcome to ForB’s English lesson video! This time Robbie is going to explain how to pronounce Mercedes-Benz. For other videos, please check out ForB YouTube Channel. ⇒

英会話フォービーのビデオレッスン:今回は「 メルセデスベンツ」の発音を、ロビー先生が説明します。その他動画は、ForB YouTube ChannelをCheck it out!!⇒

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24 thoughts on “How to Pronounce Mercedes-Benz [ ForB English Lesson ]

  1. Hi everyone! Tell us if it is difficult for you to pronounce "Mercedes-Benz" correctly.👍
    1. Easy 😁 2. Not so difficult 😄 3. Difficult 😝 4. Can't pronounce yet 😭

  2. オリジナルドイツ語だと「メルツィーデスベンツ」で日本人の発音に近い。https://ja.forvo.com/word/mercedes-benz/

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