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Hello guys this is fleep and today I’ve got a tutorial that quite a few of you requested and this is a GDI ESP tutorial for counter-strike source. I’m gonna start off by demonstrating the hack in action and then telling you what you’re gonna what you’re gonna be able to do yourself. I mentioned I think I may have mentioned to a couple you guys this is quite an easy thing to do I’m only doing this for those of you that really wanted me to go over it as I know a lot of you guys would be capable of doing this from the aimbot tutorial.

If you have finished the aimbot tutorial then this will be easy. Just download the attachment zip which will have the template and the full source code. Open the template project and then follow along in the video and I will show you how to use GDI in an external hack to draw ESP boxes, player name, distance and snap lines in Counter Strike Source.

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