Are you wondering how to get a remote job? Many young travelers are looking for ways to get paid while traveling, and remote work is one great way to have a steady paycheck and be location independent. Today I talk about my experience using Angel List to get a remote job as a travel agent.


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In 2014 I created my Youtube account “Tourist to Local” as a way to document my study abroad adventure in Chile. Over 6 years later, Tourist to Local has turned into a travel community on Youtube that is focused on sharing our favorite travel memories. Along with my husband, Martín from Bitácora de Viajero, we make bilingual videos providing tips and guides to create memorable and unique vacations. Travel is attainable, and our goal is to show you how you can travel too, whether it’s for a weekend or a year!


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  1. Hello guys I am here to figure out what it’s my dream job. So I have always love and been interested in languages since very little I would admire all the polyglots on TV and be so amazed by name and wanting to be like them. My first language to learn was English. After that like starting 8th grade I started to be more interesting on languages and I started learning more I had my path more clear and starting doing things to achieve my goal. I had decided I was going to become a polyglot and speak 10 languages. Of course in high school you start being ask what you want to do when you grow up I haven’t really have it clear what I want to do, but since then I have always know I want to do something with languages. Translating or interpreting could be an option I really like those too. Even though translating written takes a lot of work but that’s basically what the job is you have to do work! And use all your strength and knowledge to translate something, even if it takes a lot because that is your job! And that’s why you are getting pay, so I am okay with that translating could be an option. I would like to study that and learn translating techniques and all of that knowledge that we might not have access to without a program. Now the topic I would like to translate could be anything for a company, even though again translating hard words in an academic level it’s challenging, and I have to learn and work with multiple languages, I am not so excited about that, because I would really want to work with most of that languages I speak if it’s possible. Another thing I would like to work with besides languages that really goes along that actually is tourism, I really like learning about other countries, cultures. I am very passionate about that I learn things like that everyday by myself. So I don’t know exactly what I want to do but work with tourism probably for the embassy even though I still don’t know exactly what they do. Probably promote my countries culture to the foreign. Communicate with them. International relationships with my country etc. I hope you guys understand me. Another thing which combines another one of my passions which is lower than languages, countries but it’s still one of my passions❤️ and something I would like to do, for a living or if I can’t as a hobby everyday because I just love it some much which is video making. Since little it was so annoying for my mom that I would record EVERYTHING make videos of my family kind of vlogs even before vlogs where a thing before YouTube I think so. I would fill all the memories of all my phones with videos of my garden, pets etc. It was very annoying for my mom because I was always recording. I grew up YouTube and vlogging became a thing I wanted to do that. I eventually did in my early teenager years (I’m still a teen) I started making videos for channels that I don’t remember the password to😂 for this channel other videos that are save in my phone. Okay so since then I started making videos. Recording, editing, all the magic of video making, then later I move on to other platforms and I have made a few videos I am proud of, editing takes time, and skill even tho I am nowhere near to be the best of good. I am content of my work and I want to keep learning and do things to be better. I would also liked to go to a film school just to learn more about filmmaking. So the job where I could combine my love for video making, languages, tourism would be with a job similar to her. That would be a dream, but I see it very hard and away from me I don’t feel good enough for that. I see other YouTubers that do what she does and I love it! But I feel not me, I am not interested or talented enough for that. But it could be a possibility. I just want to learn more about this and see what I really want to do really all of this could be really great options and I want to learn more. Lastly the craziest dream job is to be a filmmaker which is the most far away dream I have, I feel that whatever I end up doing I would still do video making on the side maybe go to a school for that later in my life and learn, practice and get the skills to someday do something on the film world. Which is really hard but some dream I have to do maybe after I’m 30 I just want to have good skills to be good at what I want to do.

  2. Did you fall off the cruise ship? She's having a hard time speaking, pronouncing. I do agree though, LinkedIn is terrible and indeed is bad with feedback. Good luck with your boyfriend. Slow down.:-)

  3. basis is interaction. interaction is the meaning of existence. therefore we will do well to create a company platform that offers these services. that creates a comfortable circumstance for interactiveness. people need that. i will be the one who helps out with building that comfortable interactive platform. i will require 100,000.00 dollars for this. then we be able to have that treasure in our universe on earth. a comfortable interacting platform.

  4. Travel agent is a good career option. You can know about whole world. Thanks for your inspiration. It can motivate to all those people who have their passion and skills for this industry. can also help to provide a best knowledge.

  5. Can you help with tips/pointers on an angellist profile? Thank you 🙂
    I have travel/airline/virtual assisting/customer service experience. P.s resume tips? Thank you in advance

  6. I feel you on the relationship distance issues! My girlfriend is in Spain and I have been looking for remote work for some time now so I can make a steady income until papers go through and I can get a job in Spain. It’s been tough though!

  7. Thank you for this video.
    I don't get the point of LinkedIn either. I'm always like "why are you adding me? Why are you endorsing my skills? You don't even know me…" like wtf…

  8. So, whats the Name of the Traveling agency company you work for then?…. so this isn't where you work from home and own your own business and your your own travel-agent???? Thats what I thought this was,…

  9. Hi there! Was wondering if you could share what travel agency you’re working for? I went to the International Air and Hospitality Academy to become a travel agent but I’m having a hard time finding a good company to work for that has good pay and benefits.. Understandable if you don’t want to share. Just thought I’d ask!

  10. Amazing video, thanks for putting this together! 😊
    It’s so nice to see when hard work and dedication pay out well! 👍🏻😊

  11. You introduced so many job websites I've never even heard of, THANK YOU!! I'm a sophomore in college right now and would love to find a career that allows me to travel as well. What did you major in?

  12. Did you go to college by any chance? I didn’t get a degree so I’m looking for a job that wouldn’t require one. I’m passionate about traveling so I hope that it’s possible.

  13. Thank you for sharing! ❤️ I’m trying so hard to land a remote job as well. My boyfriend and I are also in a long distance relationship so this would make my life a million times better! I appreciate all of the great tips and advice from your video 🙂

  14. Is there a website of people like us who all have this incredible passion so we can meet up and explore?? Gah, feeling alone lately in my travel cravings. New subscriber here! Thanks for the advice

  15. How do you find the pay to be as a travel agent? How often do you find your self on the phone, seems like you would be slammed!

  16. I love your personality! It's so fun! & I definitely understand the struggle of looking for a remote job. Especially when you have the travel bug! I'm gonna have to check out Angel List!

  17. "Why was I not an engineer" GIRL!! I can't tell you how many times I say this when looking through job listings hahah! I hope I can find a remote job someday soon ☺️ thanks for sharing this! Websites are so great to have and make you look so much more professional, love that! Also… Couldn't agree more about LinkedIn. It's always seemed so old to me and feel like the networking is like adding friends on Facebook😂


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