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Gaming PC:

i7-8700K @ 5.0Ghz:

Asus GTX 1080Ti Strix: h

G.Skill Trident Z 3200:

Samsung 950 Pro SSD:

Viewsonic XG2560 :

Finalmouse Ultralight:

Logitech Orion Spectrum:


Steelseries Arctis Pro Headset:

Streaming PC:

Audio Setup:

Studio Headphones:

Creatize Soundblaster Z Soundcard:

Shure SM7B Microphone:

DBX 286s Pre-amp:

Steinberg UR-22 Interface:

RODE PSA-1 Boom Arm:

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  1. Streamers are really ruining EFT. "I have expensive gear omg, nobody is supposed to kill me. Let's look at that radar again".

  2. Ok, hatchlings on labs? Scum of the earth. Hatchlings on the majority of other maps? (excluding factory of course) Id say they’re fine. They’re just looking for some crumbs to scoop into their alpha so I wouldn’t really bother.

  3. Just followed a 3 stack around reserve for 3 minutes as a hatchling, they finally noticed me and watched me wiggle, then both sprayed me…

    PS “smokedro420”, you and your teammate are bitches

  4. I believe Moses is being sarcastic?

    Hatch runs are fun and there’s nothing wrong with players doing it, definitely is not ruining the game either.

    Solid run Mr.Moses! Glad to see you playing the EFT

  5. Tried watching about 30 Tarkov streams from a variety of different people in the last 6 months. Not a single streamer has ever explained what a "scav" is, nor have they explained what the point of the game actually is. It looks like a bit like PUBG but nothing happening ever makes any sense. Really hard to follow a game as a viewer when you have no absolutely no idea what is going on. Strange that streamers do not bother to explain the point of Tarkov to their viewers.

  6. I'd rather guide my dad into my mum than spend another second of my life on Facebook. Love ur steeze Moses but Facebook? really? you gotta have a crayon lodged in your brain or something fam.

  7. i can finally claim seniority on a wtfmoses hot take bc i have an embarrasing amount of hours poured into this game. hatchlings are fine and people can play however they want – they mostly end up dead and if they dont hey kudos 2 u. thanks for reading my comment bye

  8. Hatchlings are dumb, Pistol/Backpack runs are the minimal amount you should run, or if you are that desperate to hatchling, at least search gun boxes for a weapon lol. One bullet can change your raid. I deal with hatchlings in an easy way, I shoot them dead, and get a free dogtag lol.

  9. I will NEVER do anything Facebook related. Honestly, do you really need the money? Enough to sell your soul to zucker

  10. Yes! Tarkov is the new thing! Solo raids are a little slow though this one was lit. gonna have to check and see when you play with the boys

  11. Yo Moses I've got a quick question. Is the desync between audio and video caused by the stream, YouTube or the editing?

    I see it on Choco's stream too so it's probably the stream right? Is there no way to correct this, or is that just too much of a hassle for little result? Some of us have OCD's you know 😂😉


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