Hands-on with Rolex Air-King 116900 – Underrated Rolex


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Hi Guys,

Here is one of the most under-appreciated Rolexes out there. It’s nicely under the radar unlike the Rolex Submariner or the Rolex GMT Master II and Daytona. This Rolex Air King 116900 is a fun and colourful Rolex, it’s nicely relaxed and unpretentious.

A lot of people hate this Rolex, but I quite like it.
This is a Week On The Wrist with the Rolex Air-King 116900.

Let me know what you think of it.


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  1. At least modern Rolex references still make some sense, rather then references like international phone numbers ( e.g. 522. for an Omega Speedmaster reference) 😂😂😂

  2. I agree it’s a messed up dial. Yet it’s quite nice when you get used to it and a bit more ‘fun’. Never had one but I’d wear it. Build quality is great.

  3. Apparently unpopular opinion going by the comments below: this watch is a mess, it’s the explorers ugly brother. The dial is overcrowded and looks terrible.

  4. The minute I saw this watch I got it in 2018, really liked it and also had a Batman… then I traded out the Batman for a Sub 114060 since the BLNR center links got scratched when I looked at the watch…all the while bad press was propagating over the Air King… was crazy crazy about the sub and then questioned why I have two stainless watches arguably similar given the sub was multi-function… so I sold the air-king for $100 less than I paid at the AD since there as ZERO demand (2019) for the AK… then the 114060 with the maxi case got on my nerves especially when it got labelled as The Flex Watch… so I got spooked on that while the Tudor GMT was the Bell of the Ball which reminded me of my Rolex GMT Coke I sold years go… so I sold the 114060 also in 2019 for fractionally more than the new AD price while everyone was screaming demand is HUGE… not. Moral of the story I should have kept the Air King all along… its always the quiet unique one whose more fun than dating the superstar. Good news is the Tudor GMT and I get along well – no ego on that watch. Nice video as always Adrian…

  5. Great Fun vid! Thx! I have my eyes set on the DJ 36mm Black Dial Roman numbers fluted bezel white gold… then I bumped into this ODD watch but I think I'm falling in love with it. I have quite a bit of large watches but down sizing to the ~38mm. I have a 6.75" wrist… I need to go into a store and try it… Oh right…Covid… siiiigh… stay safe!

  6. luv ya brotha great video …..love mine… buck the trend ….didn't care what all the criticism was… and now we are the rule……

  7. So when it was introduced you could buy one for under £30 and a solid 18kt gold version was less than £95??!! Has inflation been THAT crazy?

  8. Unfortunately only hands and the 12 'o clock marker glows. Could be perfect if all the numbers could glow

  9. The only model that made me like about Rolex! At least to me, the Rolex brand tends to shout 'Old-fashioned', 'Gigolo', 'Mafioso', 'Show off', 'Pretentious' and so much more, until Air-King 116900 came out! Just like Adrian said, it's the only Rolex model that's fun to look at, modern and feels great to wear!

  10. Wow. That's one ugly watch. Looks like a Explorer and a field watch had a baby. If it has Rolex on the front people will convince themselves it looks good. Marketing is a amazing tool.

  11. Man. I wanna buy a watch that can suit my lifestyle. I've been over datejust, aqua terra (i owned a 36mm quartz once) explorer etc. BUT, im in my mid 20's, im about to finish my degree, i will have kids sooner or later (if you ask my girlfriend), im active, go to the gym, playing badminton etc. I want a watch i should not baby as much as I feel I would if i bought a rolex.. I know plenty of you guys have alot of different watches, but im a simple guy, that wants one watch that i dont have to be as careful about. I would feel forced to take a speedmaster off my wrist to jump in the pool etc. Is there any watch that will give me the feel of a datejust / aqua terra and still be a trusty companion to my exact lifestyle? Hope you can help me out Adrian. Thanks in Advance.

  12. The face is a “bit of a mess.” That’s why I don’t care for it. You call it fun. I think it is too expensive to spend that much money on for “fun.” 😆 Finally, I think you are making too much of a big deal about magnets. They are not “everywhere.” Anyway, I may disagree with you on some points, but I do enjoy your videos. 👍

  13. I have to admit, after all the videos (including your video) I was so taken with this watch that I tried it on in the shop 3 days ago. And I was shocked – I had imagined a MUCH BIGGER WATCH after all these very positive reviews and the look on my wrist. This watch seems to me (sorry of the good taste) like a "children's watch" – it seems brutally small despite the diameter of 40mm – for men who are sporty an absolute no go. Thanks for your top reviews anyway 🙂

  14. It’s only ‘underrated’ because Rolex is on the dial and the other steel models are hard to get. If it was any other bran ld people would be calling this ugly rubbish

  15. Wonder how it would look like with a green glass. It is growing on me but I just can't get over that Air King font.

  16. The Air-King is the next watch I am getting. I am not sure why people give it such a hard time. I do wish the lume was better though…

  17. Everything in the dial should of been polished white gold but only had 12 3 6 and 9 with the green rolex and air king should of been in green and it would of been perfect

  18. I picked up a Air-King as a companion to my Milgauss GV. I love the way they fit on my wrist and I love that neither one of them are "traditional" Rolexes. The brushed finish Air-King is the perfect casual watch to wear with jeans and a T-shirt. The Milgauss with more polish and that sparkling green tinted crystal flashes a lot more and is better suited to business casual. Great overview of one of the often overlooked or bypassed Rolexes. The Air-King has to be worn to be appreciated, pictures and even video just don't do it justice.

  19. I’m glad to see this video…as a King Air pilot, there’s something that just makes sense in wanting an Air King. Plus, I was born in 69, so I dig that part of the reference (116900). Speaks to me, and I’m glad to see a full length review of it. Saw one and tried it on at the Rolex boutique in Beverly Hills (connected to Patek by the way), and I’m definitely smitten. I have an 8” wrist, so the bigger the better for me.

    Side note, I really love your style and approach to what we love and how you share it. I like anglage, and Cote de Geneve, but not being able to jump a stream and getting foot soaked? That’s exactly why my foot would be wet too…👍🏻 keep up the great work. As an IWC Spitfire Double Chrono owner, I’m jaded, but I REALLY dig the Air King, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! ✌🏻


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