GTA 5 Real Life Mod #203 Killer Rig GMC Denali HD Welding Truck Welding Pipelines In The Oil Fields


GTA 5 Real Life Mod Killer Rig GMC Denali HD Welding Rig Truck Welding Pipelines In The Oil Fields of Los Santos, San Andreas.

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Killer Rig GMC Denali HD Welding

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City Tow Truck Garage

County Tow Truck Garage


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  1. You have got to be kidding me that was the most un realistic mod ever he using a wire feed instead of a stick and it wasn’t even connected to the truck and he should of been using a flat welding shield

  2. Tweetys tires shop in midland they have badass trucks you should do episodes of each truck they have ,also da drop shop have badass riggs also ,and also in midland tx

  3. as a rig welder i feel attacked some one make a pipeline mod or atleast welding mod… imagen welding random things to things

  4. My boy ace towing is back. I look forward to you using that truck More. I can just imagine what you can do with it. Amazing video. Short and sweet right?? Boom. Keep bringing that fire.

  5. First comments hey ace can you
    Pls help me with chp mega pack els I need your help my discord is @ad-legend#9099 I need help I went to the hospital last night cuz it made me so frustrated and I like through up and stuff

  6. Hi can u. Sub to me I have been watching all ur vids and I enjoyed all of it pls sub to me and shout out to me

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