Goku Vs. Kid Buu [Full Fight] [Original English Dub]


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  1. I Am So Sorry For The Cut To The Spirit Bomb, If You Have Watched The Original You Can See That There Is No Fighting Which Goes On! And The Lead Up To Gathering The Spirit Bomb Was Cut As I Didn’t Believe You Guys Would Want To See That! If You Really Want The Spirit Bomb Gathering In This Video Let Me Know And I Am More Than Happy To Redo This Video! Much Love, Thank You <3

  2. Think they were hinting that dragonball z one day wanted buu to develop into a good guy like vegeta and join the z team but that might not happen now hopefully or at least frieza joins them

  3. I hated Buu as a villian. All he did was just get enormously powerful without any training or anything. Barely had to work for anything. At least Cell had to absorb lots of people and 2 Androids before being really powerful.

  4. Dragon ball z final chapters ruined the buu saga, 1: super buu and kid buu have deeper voices 2: they skipped scenes to make the series go by faster

  5. This art style takes a massive shit on most of DBS art style which is sad to say considering they have more technology to work with

  6. That part at the beginning where kid buu hits his chest while being beat up. It always makes me laugh.

  7. An this right here ladies an gentleman is the reason I love Kid Buu insane, ruthless, emotionless, and psychotic. Growing up I always loved kid Buu more then I loved goku an gohan mainly because of his chaos

  8. I like the play through play of the fights and music
    I just dont like how they dialogue things
    Like how they talk and sound
    Z Kai sounds better to me

  9. The best final battle ever i have a deep respect for buu. He was just a wild kid who didn't know better and goku understood that and made a wish for buu to come back as a good person and that's how uub saga was made


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