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Profesor de “Alemán como idioma extranjero” en la Universidad de Heidelberg y se desempeña como docente en Estados Unidos y México. Trabaja desde el 2006 en el DAAD para el área de América Latina Norte, América Central y Caribe y es desde 2014 el Director de las oficinas del DAAD en la Ciudad de México. Sus temas centrales son la internacionalización, cooperaciones de investigación, modelos de estudios cooperativos, gestión de proyectos internacionales y comunicación intercultural.
La Oficina Regional del DAAD en México es el contacto directo para responder a todas las preguntas relacionadas al intercambio científico y académico entre México y Alemania. El director regional es desde principios de 2014 el Dr. Alexander Au.
El DAAD permite a jóvenes dentro y fuera de Alemania obtener experiencia internacional mediante estancias de estudio o investigación. La mayoría de los becarios extranjeros del DAAD son estudiantes de Máster y doctorado. La oferta de becas se concentra en los graduados, ya que ellos ya han dado primeras pruebas de su capacidad académica y se pueden beneficiar más de una beca que los estudiantes de primer ciclo. Por lo tanto, el DAAD otorga becas para una primera carrera académica de Bachelor solamente a los mejores egresados de los colegios alemanes en el extranjero. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. Seems like this very important education is not helping us as a society to be better humans, embrace our brothers and sisters and protect our environment. About 200 years ago any of indigenous or aborigine' people had any high education and they knew how to live in peace and harmony with themselves and nature. What is interesting is that more we study more insane we get. Where are we going to?

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  3. 4:27 is when he starts talking about studying abroad. Everything before that was about how Higher Education is good and I think if you are watching this on your free time, you most likely already knew that.

  4. aa ok later he talks about critical thinking, thats deeefinitely a good thing! If you want to be critical 😀 Could also be a catholic-german and live in a dream world if you prefere that 😀

  5. I dont know bro, it's like saying: live in poverty for 2 years and then you know how poor people feel.. In the end I think doing what is best for our goals should be the aim.. If you want to work in an international company then definitely do it but if you're a scientist or something like that I think its a waste of energy and also could stop you from evolving in other areas

  6. "Higher Education has to fulfill the demand of market" – Can't agree more..I got my master degree abroad and now continuing my PhD abroad as well. In my opinion, obtaining a chance to study abroad is merely about our effort. Particularly how hard our effort is. Money? Well, I'm not coming from wealthy family and I got my master degree and this PhD study by Scholarship. Again it's about our effort to get that. And there are a lot of scholarship out there!. I have tried 8 times of doing scholarships test, 8 times failed. However, it's all priceless once we get it in the end. Not only when we are abroad, but started from the day 1 we decided to prepare ourselves for the test and finally obtaining the degree.

  7. 'China trip by mateen' is channel py aap jaan sken gy k kesy scholarship py china prhny ja skty hn? Kesy adm ly skty hn….is channel ko subscribe kren like kren r bell icon press kren taa k aap ko videos mil sken….

  8. so what's the point? we should go study aboard to get a nicer job or get in the nice company? how can he talk about this in TED? isn't it too boring?

  9. I missed the opportunity to study abroad when I was in school. So when I graduated, I went abroad to work. I def recommend it, but I think people don't think about culture shock, reverse culture shock, their mental ability to handle it, and the length of time they should stay abroad.

  10. For the love of God, don't go abroad if you have anxiety/depression problems. I am abroad for 7 month and feel like I am deteriorating rapidly – emotionally, psychologically and even physically. I hope to finish this year and go home for good, if I manage to finish it.

  11. I was offered a chance to study at a secondary school in Singapore but turned it down. I know that it would be better to go abroad but I got depressed for some reason, I don’t even know what I am scared of. My dad says he respect my choice although he would like me to go. I don’t know if it was the right choice but I still keep saying to myself that it was right to follow my gut

  12. to study abroad is one of my biggest dream but I'm not good enough in financial and I'm still believe that someday I can make it come true..

  13. Currently studying in turkey. It's really a wonderful country and i have earned so much different qualities and useful experiences.🙂And i am on the way to get my third language ( Turkish language)


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