Florida Travel: The Ultimate Florida Keys Road Trip


Get away with Chad Crawford as he makes his way through the beauty of the Florida Keys. Each key has something unique to offer and Chad shows you the best when he shows you how to Do the Florida Keys. And Chef Justin Timineri brings you a new recipe for an old Keys favorite when he mixes up a Florida Spiny Lobster Stir-Fry.

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  1. I grew up there and I HATE IT. It’s nothing of what you think it is. There are NO beaches and the tourist have caused everything to be so expensive. True keys natives stay away from all these places in this video.

  2. Jupiter Florida on the East Coast just above west palm beach is probably the nicest waters on the East Coast try to check out the lighthouse area it’s beautiful hung out there every weekend for years kayaking around enjoying Florida

  3. Key West is dirty. We were just there last week and my husband found a roach clip on Higgs Beach. Don't try to oversell these people on the reality of a party town like Key West.

  4. Beautiful. I've always been fascinated by the Florida Keys. This seems like a million miles away from my life right now. 🙁 Maybe some day.

  5. The Florida Keys had to be the most boring unpleasant place I’ve ever visited in Florida
    I’ve lived in Florida for 51 years and I can tell you if you’ve never been to the keys unless you like to drink all day long it’s pretty boring
    There’s really nothing else to do besides lay in the sun scuba dive or fish
    I was very disappointed when I visited the Florida Keys

  6. Been to the Keys (along with Miami and other South FL places) two years ago and can't wait to go back. Sadly I live far away across the pond (Spain), but I need to to back at least once again no matter what.

  7. The Monroe County Police are overpopulated and tyrannical, there is no camping unless you want to pay $50 a night.

  8. If I had the money to explore believe me you, I would lol. I just had 6 hours in Key West, via tour😐 from Miami.

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  10. I lived on Big Pine Key , I know all of the fun places to visit . I worked at Little Palm Island and for the Key Deer Refuge , I made a nature trail back in the summer of '97 for them . I wasn't able to write my name in the concrete was it was completely done though . I hope they wrote my name in for me , but I doubt it .

  11. yes you can live in paradise ,,affordable house in Key Largo ,, Park check it out https://keys.craigslist.org/reo/d/mobil-home-3br-park-model-35/6707623321.html ,,bdw great video i ust subscribed !

  12. Deutschsprachige Infos zum Sunshine State, Orte & Regionen >> Florida Keys

  13. Too bad yankees want to stay. My home has been trashed and / or ruined by 'em. Come visit please ..then go back north

  14. Me and hubby are going to the keys for a week tomorrow and we can't wait as it looks so beautiful. We were in Florida a few weeks ago but never got to visit the keys while we were there. So this time it will be great to see this beauty. America is so gorgeous. I love this country ❤️❤️❤️


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