Explorers Of The North Sea – How To Play


Watch It Played is a series designed to teach and play games. In this episode we’re going to learn how to play Explorers Of The North Sea.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a question in the Youtube comments below.

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  1. @ the 9:27 mark it mentions the action for moving livestock has 1 Viking moving only one livestock token but then you see the green player load 2 livestock tokens with one action.  Is there a one livestock per Viking per action rule when moving on land but not when loading/unloading? You couldn't have 1 Viking herding a sheep and pig token at the same time across land?

  2. Any chance for a playthrough of this one? Been really enjoying the Raiders playthrough and would love to see this one as well!

  3. love the new studio. keep up the great work
    Also worth mentioning for anyone digging this – Shem is planning a kickstarter for an expansion to expand to 5 players

  4. Since you play so many games with Luke and I have a kid that I play a lot with. I was wondering if Legacy games would flow well. I know you don't indicate games but I'm just wondering if it's time to introduce my 10 year old to the style?

  5. Visual aids on point 🙂 Super clear! Also, love the new music! Yes, it sounds a little more YouTube standard, but it's less in-your-face than the other one and has so much more to do with the channel's style 🙂 Props to Chaz!

  6. From the 12:49 mark up to the 13:09 mark…You show livestock scoring. According to my understanding of the scoring…You should have scored 11 points…but you say its 14 points.

    Please explain this to me because I am confused as to how you got that?!

  7. Love to see a Shem Philips game getting exposure! Out of curiosity, how do you decide what you make videos for?

  8. Wow! This is off topic but I remember watching your channel when you guys were at 10k subscribers! You guys are doing great work. Keep up the great videos !

  9. Once you've familiar with the game, how long does one player's turn take, start to finish? Four actions seems like a lot, and I can imagine some analysis paralysis trying to figure out an optimal combination of moves.

  10. Man, eventually I'll have to own every game with art by The Mico. This one looks fun, and also makes me wish I had Akrotiri.

  11. Rodney subtly showing his one-up-man-ship with his winning score against Pep – i see what you did there 😉 😛


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