ESP-12E Duck Hunt game! How to make and program using NodeMcu ESP 8266


In this video I will show You how to make this “DUCK HUNT” game. For this project you will need NodeMcu (ESP 8266). Or just ESP-12E or ESP-12F module. For programing I used Arduino IDE .
Also , 128×64 I2C OLED is used. I decided to use ESP becouse it have more memory than Arduino and game runs much faster. Don’t forget to subscribe!!


Arduino sketch:

ESP-12E and ESP-12F programing board:
ESP-12F ESP-07S ESP-12S burning fixture development board ESP8266 without ESP-12F ESP-07S ESP-12S module


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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this cool game 🙂
    I have designed a custom pcb for it with the bare ESP12 module, so i can play it anywhere 🙂
    Like and subscribed 🙂

  2. I want to build a watch type displaying time and some other stats in OLED. Is Arduino has enough speed for 1-sec refresh rate? Or i have to buy your ESP?

  3. Fantastic. Will this work with the ssd1331 display, and could you maybe point me twards a tutorial? I have the control module, but is soooo much to wade through to find documentation. Thanks a bunch.

  4. I ordered some LCD screens to play with while I'm out of work for quarantine. Do you have a guess how well this kind of program would run on a D1 mini? That's the only controller board I own at the moment.

  5. Wonderful, good job, this oled can reach very nice/fluid fps, I am experimenting with 3d graphics, I am using a RPI to do this because have more resources and can drive the 3D stuff and oled without problems.

  6. Sipeed Maix-1 RISC-V Dual Core 64bit With FPU AI Module Core Board can use here ? This chips is more fast and large memory

  7. Hello, I love your video!

    Do you have any advice for uploading to the ESP32? I can not do it, even after following all the common online tutorials. I used to be able to upload to it, but now I can't.

  8. I gave it a try as I had everything laying around anyway 🙂 But when compiling I get an error: images.h: No such file or directory and when I skip that I get: fontovi.h: No such file or directory


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