Earthcore: Shattered Elements – Mobile Card Battle Game & GIVEAWAY!


EarthCore: Shattered Elements is a Mobile Card Battle Game with Excellent Graphics, an Intriguing Storyline and Amazing Gameplay. Watch the Review to Learn More & Enter to Win the Giveaway!
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  1. Why does the narrarator sound like an alien who's really stoked he just learned what inflection is? I can't believe I'm less interested in this game because of his voice. I'm not even mad. It's impressive.

  2. Un soplo de aire fresco en los TCGs.
    Fácil de aprender, difícil de dominar.
    A breath of air fresh in the TCGs.
    Easy to learn, hard to master.

    User: Akodo

  3. I began with mage, very different from card games currently, using weakness as a way to win without attack points, its fun :D. My username: WarCentury


  4. Earthcore: Shattered Elements is a new Mobile Card Battle Game with Amazing Graphics, an Intriguing Storyline and Great Gameplay! We also have a GIVEAWAY for $500 worth of In-Game Diamonds! Check it Out!

  5. Let us know what you think about Earthcore: Shattered Elements in the Comments & Don't Forget to Enter the Giveaway for a Chance to win $500 worth of In-Game Diamonds! Enjoy!


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