DON'T PLAY THIS GAME | Welcome To The Game 2 – Part 1


We’re diving back into the DEEP WEB to uncover the truth of Welcome to the game!
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  1. In the first Welcome to The Game there is a Hacker Mode now. When mark played the game there wasn't a hacker mode yet.

  2. That drone kinda looks like the drone that delivers packages to you.
    Just sayin'.
    P.S. I watched the whole video 😀
    Edit: I am going to get this game because you inspired me! It looks really good.

  3. I am gonna binge this during a whole Pandemic, pride month, and black lives matter. There was a peaceful protest nearby, but it could have escalated.

  4. goddamn it i came here to rewatch this cause i remember i used to like this game a lot when it first came out but i have epilepsy now……………………………….. am i still going to watch it? yes

  5. This is my 4th time watching this series. I'll never get tired of it. It's repetitive, but there's something about it that I love.

  6. 31:14 spit ew semen ewwww blood nooo rough and dirty uewwwwwww I don’t want to click on any of that. ugh I think I’m gonna vomit

  7. 1:36:40 There’s a medical procedure where the ‘good’ or digestive/productive bacteria from another person’s stomach can be retrieved from their excrement and used to replace the bacteria, within another person, where the same bacteria may have accidentally been killed off by previous use of antibiotics. It used to just be though that people would legitimately eat other people’s poop before science stepped in and started to mop the floors.


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