Dominic Raab: taking a knee 'seems to be from Game of Thrones'


The foreign secretary Dominic Rabb has said he would not ‘take a knee’ in support of the black lives matter movement. Asked on talkRadio whether he would take part in the symbolic show of support, the foreign secretary said: ‘I take the knee for two people: the Queen and the Mrs when I asked her to marry me.’
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  1. Hey what the! I'm surprised by some of these comments! Taking the knee is not about subjegation in this context. The BLM movement and taking the knee, for 9 minutes, is about taking some time to recognise how long the police knelt on George Floyds neck. Yes it's also a sign of respect. But this is hardly the courtsee or the bow like some people have interpreted it

  2. If he was at a football game and all players took a knee your telling he would just stand there! Doubt it

  3. okay, I don't want to comment foreign politics….hahaha… because I do not even care about the British any longer as a German, but I just must. When he says he is only kneeling to the ´Queen, he only says the following: the first Americans were they not fleeing the British Empire, fighting the old establishment, which had to kneel in front of Kings and Queens, which then made slaves out of black people, which then started to protest at some point…? (don't ask me for the origin of the takingthekneething in the US, others can do better there explaining and people should try to read about it since it is obviously a background to it further than just simple slavery) So what does this tell us? He is oppressed by his missus (lol) and his Queen who is monarchy and this monarchy is questioned by many in the British government, who also partly refuse to pay respects to the monarchy in England… oh my oh my, what a twist this is. don't you get it? he is sarcastic over the top. But of course he can't say it so openly since he is still working under the Queen (who is adorable by the way, don't get me wrong), but the system has it that he can't be a free man under the Queen, even though he is in the government. ! tadaaaaaa! and he knows.

  4. dominic was saying to the ICJ that america shouldn't intervene in the workings of the court.. there was a big time gap when america said it and dominic said what he said… its because he was in talks with ICJ to secure a deal for himself.. once he agreed THEN he went to the media to say America shouldn't interfere which indicates that dom and icj have an understanding. Some message we are sending.

  5. This is exactly BLM are protesting…because people like Raab are condescending and dismissive of their efforts. It's not about the fashion of the struggle but the essence.
    You will always want to see things from your ivory tower.
    One man sees the knee descending to inflict pain and another sees it as subjugation.
    The same hand that gives is the same hand that takes.

  6. My employers are getting behind BLM. There is a list of black people killed by the police. The second name on the list is Mark Duggan, a drug dealing gangster known to sometimes carry a gun. I would sooner die in a ditch than knee to him.

  7. Whatever his views as the Foreign Secretary he should definitely know what is going on. Its either incompetence on a massive scale or an attempt to belittle the situation.

  8. I understood taking the knee to mean you're not prepared to stand for whatever is happening.
    Edit: Just found out taking the knee in the military is to honor a fallen soldier. – which makes it an even gesture of protest.

    I still haven't watched GOT.

  9. Perhaps it has a different meaning in America, but from a British cultural point of view, you kneel before your king, queen, lord etc as an act of lowering yourself and accepting their authority over you. To many Brits it is seen as an act of subjegation in their culture, and perfectly understandable if they're uncomfortable doing it. It's a free country.

  10. Most of you guys are EDL in your ♥️ hearts anyways , full of hate I wish one ☝️ day you can see us equal and stop hate, Kneel Now

  11. You see, I was living in the mistaken belief that we were all free to think and feel as we please. Piers Morgan is a gutter disgrace.

  12. I wonder how many left wing supporters are finally starting to realise they've been supporting the actually racist villains all this time? 🤔

  13. I don't kneel for no one does not make me a racist. Anyone who thinks it does needs to get their head checked.

  14. MLK Jr took a knee in 1965 while leading a prayer outside the Dallas County Alabama Courthouse. For me; a virtue of not being religious means I don't have to hypocriticaly subjugate myself in obedience of a religion that advocates slavery. I have no respect for those that do!

  15. The Guardian, the BBC, and quite a few other outlets are DESPERATE to make this seem like some kind of scandal.
    A government minister was asked if he will kneel because an extreme far left anarcho-Marxist group peddling race riots demands it, and he said "no". Too F-ing right he should refuse. EVERYBODY should refuse.


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