Do you NEED a Travel Agent? Are they WORTH IT?


How beneficial are travel agents? Do you need one? The pros and cons.
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  1. Yes your absolutely right we need travel agents at least if anything goes wrong you know who they are and where they are

  2. Being a travel agent has nothing to do with undermining the customer. We all have goals in the investments that we choose to process our moneys towards. We all have goals to succeed and we want travelers to have a most awesome experience for the time that we book for them all the way up to their vacation or business travel needs. We invest our money into the needs of federal safety for ourselves and our travelers and yes we have financial goals to meet by investing in travel and keeping travel fun and safe for everyone.

  3. It’s a myth that working with a travel agent will automatically cost you more; most get paid via commissions from the hotel or outfitter. Sure, some travel agents do charge a fee for putting together an itinerary, but most will credit you that fee if you end up booking the trip through them. Make sure you know all the potential fees before you use a travel agent, and do not hesitate to negotiate away.

  4. Many travel agents do not charge a fee to their clients for planning standard vacations; they earn money from commissions paid to them through partner vendors.

  5. I think all passionate people towards this industry should watch this video. This information is helpful before I start online travel franchise. I want to share this information with for all the people.

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  7. On my honeymoon to Negril, Jamaica we went through a travel agent. Our departure flight on American Airlines was cancelled due to a technical issue with the connecting airport. So AA wanted us to wait until tomorrow to fly out. So we called the travel agent and he switched the flight to Delta at no extra cost. The peace of mind and customer service made me not regret using a travel agent.

  8. Loved this video! I’m actually with an airline but recently teamed up with Luxury World Travel as an independent travel concierge/agent to start my own travel business. Travel is definitely my passion and I’ve been following you and Hopscotch for years! Love your content! Keep it up!

  9. There are 2 more reasons how a travel agent helps :-
    1. Visa formalities (especially in the cases of passports which don't have many privileges visa free travel)
    2. Getting the details for transit visa incase of connecting flights, apparently some apps do mess these details up.
    ps – what is that locket you are wearing here?

  10. Thank you for such a positive video. I am a travel agent and I couldn't agree more with what you've said ♡

  11. On our recent trip (US->Frankford–>Salzburg–>Zurich) we did everything on our own via the internet. Everything worked out fine but it took a lot of time and research to figure everything out!
    Our next trip to Sicily is going to be through an agent of a major travel company. We will see which we like better. Thanks for all you travel trips Nadine. They helped this year!

  12. Travel agent may plan a perfect trip, but we love planning everything on your own as it gets us all excited about our trip 😍😬🌍 we recently created a couple channel, would love if some of you guys can subscribe to us and support us !! 👍🏻

  13. they're worth it if you're not tech savvy i think. or if you want a stress free planned trip.

    I love doing all the thrill seeking outdoors and artsy/historical adventures on my trips!
    So I offer to all who watch my videos and like the itinerary they see- to help them plan theirs just like mine, FOR FREE… shameless promo but I just want to help the travel community, I want to help others who talk about all the travel know that they can definitely do it and there's more than just the touristy generic sights.

    Nadine, you have inspired me for years and I hope to cross paths with you one day.
    vibes attract your tribe <3


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