Do NOT Buy a Yamaha Raider! 5 Reasons Why, Dislikes, Complaints, Honest Review 1900cc


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Do NOT Buy a Yamaha Raider! 5 Reasons Why, Dislikes, Complaints, Honest Review 1900cc

Today on Jon’s Moto Garage we’re going over 5 reasons you do NOT want to buy the Yamaha Raider! That’s right, five dislikes. I really had to dig deep to come up with this list, but I pulled it off! For the record, I’m actually a big fan of the Yamaha Raider. This vid, along with most of mine, are primarily for entertainment (90%) and partly for information (10%). As always, thanks for checking the channel and ride safe!

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  1. I own a 2010 Raider and saw this video and got all pissed thinking how could anyone find 5 horrible things. Thanks for trolling me

  2. You're an idiot!!! Get a f'n life! Kickstand criticism? Dont waste peoples time with your useless videos! No shit, its not for new riders??? Reallly. FFFF OFFF

  3. Oh no, you've stepped into the dark side.. Click Bait title, and you been pretty good not to do those unlike someothers.. so On your list, #2 isnt valid/ for most of those viewers.. and therefore isn't a uniform Vice like #1 kick stand access. I would add a couple.. removing a couple off your list.. #2) Storage issues.. Saddle bags look wrong on this bike. #3 Louder-than-most Alternator.. #4..tooth pick thin looking handle bars.. #5 Short Front Fender.. Lacking splash protection

  4. my pops started me out on a Wide Glide at 16yrs old! This was similar; quite more bike though in power and pull. I wouldn't recommend either for beginners unless you are a clydesdale size human.

  5. I rode one for the first time was my dream cruiser and i was so disappointed. :/
    Didnt feel fast (must be because it's so heavy compared to the warrior)

    The guy had it lowered and a 240 rear tire it kept trying to go straight through the corner instead of with it and it was a sketchy feeling. Maybe that was why idk.

  6. So I found this 2008 raider s with 10k on it. It is super clean and new tires has the front fairing and bags runs awesome wow the power. But my q is for you they are asking 8600 out the door cash. Would I be dumb to buy it.

  7. People that say work your way up are only the rich get the bigger bike and don't be scared cause after a month you will regret it if you bought a smaller bike

  8. Negative Nancy is having an episode! My Yamaha has served me very well and it looks and runs awesome, has Loads of power and the Quality seems Excellent as well.

  9. Negative Nancy looks for the kickstand on the right side of the bike? Ya, you're a real experienced biker aren't you. I think you should try out your "chopper" (no even close) at the dealer before you get that bike.

  10. Owning a '12 since new, it hasn't gotten any better over the years….the thing rides smooth and not like a big bike at all…you twist the throttle and get all that terrible ton of torque…..and attention….and compliments….and can't bring yourself to get rid of it……terrible.

  11. You have to be the biggest idiot I’ve ever waisted 15 minutes on that I’ll never get back',,,,,,fuckin idiot

  12. Wow if those are your complaints you just don’t need to own a motorcycle period IMHO 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  13. You knit picked everything, and none of them are legit. You are just looking for another click bait video to put out. Stop.

  14. you're awesome, thanks…my first bike was a 79 Yamaha 650 special…now riding a suzuki c50 bully….but what I really want is this raider…..thanks for the video

  15. The main reason for big bikes being bad for beginners is dumping the clutch trying to recover from dumping it takes a lot of leg strength and grabbing the throttle at the same time might as well forget saving it

  16. The only good reason you gave in this video that made sense in this video is that new riders should never hop on a big bike and it’s smart to work your way up!

  17. John I love the raider, I had an 09' in black and now buying a 2010 in red keep up the great video work.raiders rip

  18. I started racing flat track when I was 15… then I went to Motocross after that you learn how to improvise and if there is a problem with anything you either adjusted it replace it or learn to live with it when I started riding the street I went through two Harley Davidsons I spent more time working on them then riding them then I want to a Yamaha Raider "s" to me great bike all around I had no problems taking corners at 90 miles per hour no problem with the kickstand as soon as I sat on the bike at the dealership I knew that I wanted that bike before I even took a test drive… if it sucks that bad why complain…I mean didn't you notice anything about the bike when you bought it like haaaaa.🤨 I can't get the kickstand down… I don't want to buy this bike it doesn't handle very well then you say yes or no and buy a Honda VTX 1800 CC… it's your money you have to feel comfortable in the ride that you get… I've been on that bike and buried the speedometer I also do all my own work because the only person I trust is me… if I had a problem with a kickstand then I would deal with the problem to make it easier for me…To me a very popular bike I never heard anybody bitching complain about it until now….🙄🙄🙄🤔🤔🤔😎👋👋

  19. love mine! one downside….can't hit 5th gear around the city. second downside….when you do hit 5th gear, the cops will eventually catch you, and they're always pissed.

  20. I loved my 2012 Raider and traded it in for a 2015 Raider. The 2012 was my second bike, I put in a lot of miles on my first and felt ready to step up and more than happy I did with the Raider.

  21. Oh man… bike, black helmet, black jacket, dark pants with black knee pads, BROWN footwear!!!!!! What?… brown shoes with a tuxedo!!! Looks good on "you" tho……..hehehehehehehe….. (Just yankin' your chain a little).

  22. Hey John how you doing I've been watching your videos i and guy 66 year old I love motorcycles Especial the Raider let me tell you you been blessing to buy the motorcycle for 3500 enjoy my friend and many blessing for you

  23. The Raider was my first bike and I am a female. I had never ridden before other than in a class. For me as long as I was easy on the clutch and throttle, I was able to properly control the power. I love it now tho and wish it had 6 gears lol. GREAT VIDEO thank you for sharing


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