Ding Liren plays a mind-blowing game of chess


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  1. Can he do this against magnus or is tactics that works only on weak players? Amazing playing though always hated to play against d4 in black

  2. Ding Liren uses the module in games, cheats, check their games and compare it with the stockfish module and they are the same!
    As the games are broadcast live someone may be sending vibes to Ding Liren in walrus code to make the module plays!
    They must pass x-rays to the players !!!

  3. as it seems the only reason why this game is mind blowing is the wrong move of bai jinshi – moving his king from e1 to e2…? the endgame you showed for white is still quite alright with the bishop pair and one pawn up (though the king position is bad).

  4. He calculates like a machine. The depth and number of variations just shows how much better super GMs are in terms of calculation.

  5. I clapped when this game was finished, thank you Jan for this gem. It's certainly the 2nd best game I've seen this year–the best being the old Ivanchuck-Kasparov game that I had never seen before. I'm certain that one doesn't count…well as the game of the year, I mean.

  6. Rd4!!! is just an outrageous move (it takes my engine deeper depths to even understand it) to go with the Queen sac and the beautiful coordination of the minor pieces by Ding Liren. Game of the year and one of the best in the last decade without question.

  7. The outcome of black´s attack is actually not so suprising because there are 6 pieces (even the rook on a8 in some lines) attacking the poor white king staggering in the middle of the board with defences limited to the knight on e5 and some pawns. The other white pieces, including the "extra" queen, are effectively out of play. Liren´s calculation capacities are admirable but with such a fierce attack there must always be some mating nets and you "only" need to find one.

  8. Mamma Mia! Santa Maria! My giddy giddy aunt! !! !!! Jan, thanks for sharing. Ding! Ding-a-ling I will be stalking your performance in the candidates. (J Woseph – it seems we have equally miss-spent out youth).

  9. Do not know why you stopped this kind of game analysis (about last 6 to 9 months)….but they were soooooo helpful to me….

  10. does anyone know good rules, whether a move is good or more likely to be bad without calculating further? simple ideas would be better,it is for a chessprogram i am developing, however, i am not a very good chessplayer

  11. My Mother made me take family fork piano lessons when I was a little kid, but of course soon enough I was only interested in family fork electric guitar. This was the beginning into my downward spiral of life. Starting eating poison pawn brownies with my buddys, drinking dragon bishop wine… ended up getting arrested for self-mating in public. Don't do it, Kids.


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