Deliverance Longplay (Amiga) [4K]


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Developed by Devinart and published by 21st Century Entertainment in 1992

A departure from the C64 version (Deliverance: Stormlord II), the parallels between this game and Gods are clear to see.

However, whereas Gods places greater focus on puzzles and switches, Deliverance is combat oriented. Much of the time you’re hurling axes at foes, rather than doing much in the way of thinking.

On a technical level, Deliverance really does impress. The main Stormlord sprite is detailed and animated well, as are the foes he encounters.

Perhaps the only disappointment is the somewhat bland level design. Despite the occasional naked fairy, there’s not a whole lot of variety within each area.

Coding: Peter Verswyvelen
Graphics: Kim Goossens
Music: Bent Nielsen



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  1. The one thing most criticised about Gods was the stuttering scrolling/main character movement. That was something that this game should not have copied.

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  3. Loved this game I played it alot as a kid and found it difficult but very fun n yes pretty good graphics at the time

  4. I didn't get to play PC games much growing up in the 80's. I had a friend in the early 90's who always lauded the glory of Amiga. He was a computer wizard who really knew his stuff. He did introduce me to Dungeon Master including Skullkeep. I would have really liked this game and others I've seen.

  5. I guess,were so loney all they had was the Amiga…which would be their Girlfriend..because Isnt Amiga ….Girlfriend ? in spanish?

  6. Never saw this game till now but when I heard the (nostalgic) low bit sounds I knew it had to be an Amiga. Back then other PCs weren't delivering this kind of graphics/sound.

  7. i never realised how deliverance was similiar to bitmap brothers gods. it looks like deliverance copied lots of gods assets.

  8. I remember this game. Very similar feel to Gods. Another one I never finished so good to see the end. I had no idea the last level was a shooting level that is pretty awesome. What was the last screenshot about as well? Did he get his would taken by the 😈? Lol

  9. One of the very best amiga games imo.. i liked gods..but this i felt was way more accessible , and the later levels with fire puzzles were awesome. (Even if most the sounds effects were properly 'borrowed' from other said games)


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