Dance Gavin Dance – Betrayed By The Game (Official Music Video)



Damaged pride and vulnerable
All my fears are open now
Never thought this would hit me so hard

Staring at my hollow phone
Not sure if you’re coming home
Bed still smells like I’m not all alone again

I know we fucked it up this time
We got so high
Couldn’t see the bottom

I just crashed my car
And it got me thinking of you
So I just thought I’d call
To tell you, to tell you I, to tell you I still love you

My mental image impaired
Undid the braids in my hair
I rain destruction in the fight of my inner feels

Remove the tricks of the trade
You’re just alone on the stage
There’s no witness fly your soul through the windshield

Damaged pride and vulnerable
All my fears are open now
Never thought I could hurt you so hard
Staring at my hollow phone
Wondering if you’ve found your home
Feel like I deserve to die alone again

We really fucked it up this time
Got so low
Only for a second

Take a sip from the drain
The flavor tastes like nothing
Or nothing tastes the same cause nothing is never there

I know what I’m talkin bout
I believe the words in my mouth
Cause I can say that it was all just a metaphor

In my heart and in my own mind in my soul I know that they ain’t never gonna break me

You know that I wont stop
I’m coming back on top
Don’t call that it’s a flop
I got the refs on lock

Video by Samuel Halleen –


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  1. I've been mishearing the lyrics for the past fucking 4 years.
    All this time I thought he said "I just bought a car to tell you I still love you" instead of "I just thought I'd call". I was so fucking confused but thought "it's DGD"

  2. Oh man.
    This song stood out to me when i went to my first emo night. Listening to it now just took me back! 🤟🏼

  3. Esta canción Suena perro.. Pero me da la depre cada vez que la escucho y Randall odia estar triste😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  4. Why does jon always look so angry in interviews but so happy in music videos 😆 imagine if it was the other way round.

  5. Wtf man this entire band is the definition of perfection!!!! Every song they make since Tilian joined gives me chills!!!!! Fuckin INSANE 😂😊😂

  6. God, DGD are those weirds bands that actually have great videos, not just some guys playing in a spooky place, more like videos with their own story


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