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45 thoughts on “Clean Thresh Game | Aphromoo

  1. clean game yea, you could have flashed instead of giving rene a kill, also re-considee ur items. 6m thresh player :))

  2. That’s considered a clean game? He made sooooo many mistakes throughout the whole game lol it didn’t even seem like he was trying.

  3. I mean, this is nothing special
    He has just deep macro knowledge, thats why hes a pro, but in this game there is nothing, he has done many better games

  4. Dude….wait….He Has his team off on the map so he can See what they See in fog of War. ..thats Genius or am I just the only k Not doing that

  5. You should upload full games i am down to watch it, i am main support D2 In Lan Server and you are one of my favorites ❤️❤️❤️

  6. I guess mobility vs bard sucks, you can buy mercury vs velk/bard/renek/mao too much cc. Clean game btw bro

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