Classic Game Room – ORBITOR 1 pinball machine review


Orbitor 1 review.
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Classic Game Room reviews the ORBITOR 1 pinball machine from Stern released in 1982. Orbiter 1 was regarded as a massive failure but it should be regarded as a great attempt at something new for pinball, even though it didn’t succeed. A bizarre molded piece of plastic makes up the playing field that is formed in the shape of a planet’s surface with a convex valley-like form, hills and valleys complete with spinning bumpers that shoot the ball off in erratic ways. Gameplay is never the same twice yet Orbiter 1 has very few objectives or things to actually shoot at. It’s a fast game that provides a short thrill but gets old quickly, even though it’s really cool for a few games. Orbitor 1 pinball machine review from CGR shows Orbitor 1 game play in HD from PAPA World Headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA.


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  1. I might be 6 years late to the party, but I hope that at some point you're going to do a review of the Flight 2000 table that's right next to this one.

  2. Great review! "It's not good, but stangely compelling…!" Great sentence that covers it all about "ORBITOR 1"…

  3. There's a pinball parlor close to me that has one of these machines. I felt like I was drunk when playing it.

  4. I just want you guys to know that I subbed simply because you guys were badass enough to do pinball reviews. Requesting more.

  5. My brother has this pinball game in his arcade and its truly the most interesting pinball game Ive ever played. Gotta say its my favorite out of the several dozen pinball machines he has. EPIC GAME!

  6. All pinball marks should say when driving to PAPPA
    Mark 1: Be quiet back there
    Mark 2: stop breathing on the window
    Mark 3: You idiot, it's condensation it's on the outside.
    Mark 1: Shut up before i slap you with my ring hand!

  7. Rare pinball machines are awesome but I'd also like some classics being reviewed, like, Star Wars 1992 Data East or first Jurassic Park pinball machine.


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