Classic Game Room HD – BUCK SHOT SHOTGUN for Wii review


Classic Game Room HD reviews the BUCK SHOT Lock and Load SHOTGUN for Nintendo Wii. This hardware review shows this BUCKSHOT shotgun shooting gun accessory for Wii shooters like House of the Dead, Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. Play like you have a light gun on your LCD and HDTV, the Wii has awesome light gun games and this thing looks bad ass. Lock your Wiimote into the metal and plastic frame and blast zombies like there’s no tomorrow (and if you’re being attacked by zombies there probably is no tomorrow, so practice your aim!) The Buck Shot Lock and Load shotgun gun game accessory is made by Komodo and available only for the Nintendo Wii. The nunckuk features of the Wii are built right into the shotgun so that you can move around in games like Link’s Crossbow Training. Seriously awesome and built like a tank, this is the firearm of choice for Wii shooting game fanatics looking to make an impression. Works well with Sega’s House of the Dead Overkill and House of the Dead 2 and 3 Return.


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  1. Call me nuts, but I like the original Zapper gun module more as it's lighter and more nimble to use. Plus the buck shot gun is a little heavy!

  2. I have mine but it’s Brocken dude to overuse. The a button roof thing came off so I can use it the a button without manually pressing it.

  3. I have one of these I am thinking of selling due to it no longer being needed if anyone is interested as they are pretty much impossible to get now.

  4. MANNNNNNNN, you can't find this light gun ANYWHERE anymore! I mean, where can you even find this Wii gem online? For Real?

  5. lets be honest here, umm design flaws between the zapper and this ? i just want to know because i have the zapper 2 of them in fact

  6. Can't be heavier than a Lethal Enforcers lightgun with a safety chain so people don't steal the damn thing (for like the 8th time).

    And in my defense there was two LE cabinets on my city and the one that wasn't all that fugd up was in a pretty rough place.

  7. Yeah but today's gun controllers no longer require a tv to operate with,instrad it uses infrared,ultra sound, or heath to operate and in this case it requires a wii mote controller,yes this gun looks cool and i like that the nun-chuck controller is builtin,but are there no lightgun for modern systemd these day,they are more special,at the other hsnd i can understand that it is very complicated to make such lightgun compatible with any type tv like lcd,plasma,crt,dlp,led tv,laser tv,projector.etc,, whatever interlaced,progressive,50hz,100hz,but it's just so sad,thry don't try it.


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