Challenger Soars at Philly Eagles Military Appreciation Game 2014


(Video produced by Julia Cecere, AEF Media Manager)

Challenger the Bald Eagle soars over Lincoln Financial Field during the national anthem at the Philadelphia Eagles Military Appreciation Game on November 10th 2014.

Challenger is a 25-year-old non-releasable male Bald Eagle cared for by the non-profit American Eagle Foundation. This majestic bird has become a free-flying educational ambassador for his species, soaring through hundreds of stadiums, arenas, ballrooms, and classrooms across the U.S. since 1991. He was blown from his nest at 5-weeks of age and rescued by well-meaning people who proceeded to hand-raise him. As a result, he became imprinted for life.


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  1. What a glorious flight by Challenger and a wonderful rendition of our National Anthem! They bring tears of joy and pride to my eyes! ❤️❤️🦅🇺🇸

  2. When Bald eagle swim and drag it prey, that the Navy and Marine
    When Bald eagle soar high above the sky and looking for prey , that the Air force
    When the Bald eagle protect and defend her nest and chicks from other bird of prey, that the Army and National Guard.

    Every military personal man and women in this nation who fought for freedom embody the spirit of the Bald Eagle, the spirit of America.


  3. this is the first one ( youtube) I ever saw of Challenger and will probably remain a favorite
    when the man above gets the signal to release him is an unexplainable feeling
    Im so glad Al Cecere ended up with Challenger

  4. I read the retired Navy Veteran singing is Generald Wilson . That's how it was spelt .. he s awesome , should be famous .

  5. Too bad the NFL is extremely un-American.
    1) The NFL got tax exemption as a "non-profit" organization. YEAH RIGHT!
    2) They can scam the tax payers again by getting them to either pay for the stadium or at a minimum subsidize it.
    a) How many home games are there? 6 or 7 throw in a coupld of concerts and a few monster truck rallies. At best the stadium is used 100 out of 365 days of the year. Its never makes the money back.
    3) The NFL than has the gaul to charge and arm and a leg just to go see the football game.

    Have fun sheeple

  6. You just cannot get much more American that this….tears are free flowing .Not sure who is singing the anthem–but he is wonderful! Thanks to ALL our Military, and to Challenger for being a true American Ambassador. And of course to everyone at AEF, what an awesome job Al and everyone does.

  7. My husband and I just love bald eagles! Their wing span , their eyesight and their strength are truly remarkable! Thank you !

  8. oh wow you cannot hold back the tears as you see this.. AWESOME just totally awesome and so beautiful –love the Philadelphia Eagles wish you the best in 2015—-i watched all t he preseason games and for ma point of view this is the team that will take it to the limit… so fly eagles fly on into the SB….. with much love n' respect= GO EAGLES …. GONNA HAVE U TUNED IN MON NIGHT WITH ATLANTA FALCONS… YOU GOT THIS ONE AND AM SO EXCITED FOR DALLAS GAME AND SAINTS… BLESSINGS!!!!

  9. Great video & great game I remember it well Mark Sanchez's 1st start as an Eagle, here's to many more! FlyMarkFly!

  10. My only disappointment is that the sailor's name wasn't included. That was one of the best vocal performances of our National Anthem that I've ever heard and he should've been recognized too. 

  11. Challenger is glorious and awe-inspiring.  What a majestic, elegant bird.  And yes, as mentioned below, the brother sure can SING!


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