CARRY TIME WITH THRESH SUPPORT, IT'S POSSIBLE! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


Today we’re playing Thresh which throughout the years always seems to come out on top as Leagues favourite Support, he’s fun to play! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Thresh Support Gameplay.

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CARRY TIME WITH THRESH SUPPORT, IT’S POSSIBLE! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


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  1. So like the MF called out the garen having less CS vs a ryze which is normal, but if you look at 8:36 the garen is only down 14 cs but the MF is down 15 cs on the draven, so what is she going on about?

  2. I don't understand why people say "don't play complex champions in low rating". Yeah it's bad if you can't play them to the max YET, but say you climb with easy champions, and then switch. Even if you practice loads in normals, you'll get destroyed because you don't have the bulk of your games on the complex champion. And in normals it's less serious, so you don't have ranked experience with the complex champion either.

  3. do you know any good support main yt channels ? would like to learn support more and see what mistakes I do as supp ( 70% winrate, 30games, was G1 in S4 and stopped playing )

  4. "ugh jungle difference" you do have to keep in mind the trynd also didn't get a leash so he took more unnecessary damage.

  5. Unpopular opinion: chat is really annoying not just for the players and the negativity from it is dragging one down 🙁

  6. I think the problem with Yasuo players, and most of those types of champs that we all know what I mean, is that they one trick them cuz they're fun, they get to a higher rating than they've been before by ome tricking and than they dont want to play anything else cuz it's not their one trick and they'll lose rating. So yeah playing Yasuo and one tricking at all hurts the players ability to climb I think, but they dont want to sacrifice their rating to branch out even though in the long run their rating will probably go up. But its just my opinion i dont really know. I one tricked Brand mid to plat last season for the first time but this season I'm branching out alot more cuz I dont want to be a otp. I feel good even though I'm still slogging through low/mid gold.

  7. i think this game is dying…
    this weekend i had 28/31 games with afker.
    went from silver with plat / gold in my games down to bronze with iron in my games. match making seems to be messed up.
    there seems to be an uptick in toxic and afkers. I think it's due to a shrinking player base… seems like most of the community is made of toxic players on low rating smurf accounts … could just be bad match making, but i'm not getting good players in my games. I think I may quit playing again. this is not fun anymore.

  8. Happens to me alot the toxicity in my games. I will never get why people being so mad in a game. And I'm playing only normal games

  9. Love the vids Huzzy! I wanted to hear your thoughts on League having an overwatch system similar to Csgo where accounts are verified as long term players that are often not reported to review games that players have been reported for things that the AI cannot pick up on (Inting etc). They could have a few legacy skins for those who use the system as an incentive to watch games as well as helping out the community. I would love to hear your opinions on this.

    -From a player that was permabanned 5 years ago now that can't find the time to get back into League.

  10. You judged and muted the Garen so quickly, i think he just went for a (albiet never going to work) level 1 cheese on mid honestly. Not gonna tell you what to do but this just came across hella arrogant to me

  11. Idk if you’ll see this but when I watch your videos it makes me less toxic or not even toxic at all they calm me down :/ I don’t get super “bored” either like with Moe or TF Blade I enjoy watching u and ur thoughts on the game just thank you thats all I wanted to say

  12. Taric's got serious mana issues most games. He wants to chain abilities with his passive AA thing, but until he has items, the costs are ridiculous and can only heal/stun so much


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