Cafe Racer (BMW K75 by JAX Garage)


(Legendado em Português)
If you are a fan of the BMW K Series, then i am absolutely sure that you are going to love this video.
It is about a BMW K75 Cafe Racer, that is going to bring new hope to many K Series Fans.
The BMW K100 was always seen as the Plan A, and the BMW K75, the plan B. But the project presented on this video, is going to change things.
It was built by “JAX Garage”, located in Melbourne, Australia.
Enjoy it.

My special thanks to Pedro Torres, for his great help with my english.

Here are some interesting links about this motorcycle:


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  1. Sir please tell me. Which transition you are using, for one photo to another photo
    I mean from 4:48 to 4:59
    I hope you sir understand
    Love from india . Please sir reply

  2. Hi. I tinking in a projet with a honda hornet 98. Now only loking for the pieces and maybe do at future.
    I get a lot of ideas on your chanel, its great.

  3. hello Leonado i have a friend here in Kenya +254 who has done some good projects on cafe racer two CB 400 Super four twins to be exact he is called Bassam Ibn Mubarak Farouk check his Facebook profile and you can see what he has done at least viewers can see that here in Africa the spirit of cafe racer is alive. I would appreciate it we put Africa on the channel also
    Mukeku Kivuva

  4. I like everything on this build other than the intake looks like an after thought.
    Having owned a K75S since 1989, I wanted BMW to build a 4 valve version to up the performance of the K75. I have always thought the handling of the K75 better than the K100/1100, that the K75 deserved to get the better forks, tires and paralever swingarm.
    I never got around to carving up a head for my K75S, but I have added the transmission with swingarm, tires and wheels from a K1100S, K1 rear sets. Forks, and brakes from a R1100S.
    It also has a Australian Staintune muffler for a better exhaust sound.

  5. Just get a 2nd tank on stand by…..for WHEN the pin pricks of death start "weeping" under the alloy tanks skin…a good around bike that can still be picked up but beware one that's been unloved for to long the parts not easy to find and will need a arm & a leg to pay for.

  6. I have the same seat for my k1100 cafe racer I’m building at the moment. I wasn’t sure about it to be honest so I put it in a box and tried installing a hoop instead. And the hoop doesn’t satisfy me either. But because of this bike I’ll be revisiting the idea. Taking a good look at my tank vs the seat. The video production was awesome and I just learned so much. Thank you!

  7. Despite the fact that i have a problem with the line tank/seat/rear seat i think that these lady and guys achieved something !

  8. Parabéns pela publicação de mais um vídeo com muita qualidade. Parabéns também pelo seu invejável inglês.
    Tenho a minha K75 já há uns anos, um projecto feito com a ajuda da TUG e honestamente o que mais adoro nela, são as linhas encontradas que contrariam todas as dificuldades próprias da K75. Chamámos a esta K a Back to the Future.

  9. I absolutely love it… Id love to come see it one day. I cant wait to build or own one.. Amazing build guys.. Amazing talent

  10. Sir i have a R18 size rim anc i want to install cafe bikd type tyre… So can recommend me the size of tyre for it.

  11. Cuanto mas dificil es una transformación mucho más bello es el resultado. Una moto fácil cualquiera la hace, pero este equipo tiene agallas y saben lo que hacen al comprometerse con una moto de líneas complejas. Bella moto, buen video, buena dosis de sonido en la escena del paseo. Muchas gracias por otro excelente video Vitor!


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