Cabela's BIG GAME HUNTER The Legendary Moose!! PRO HUNTS#8


Welcome Back to Cabela’s BIG GAME HUNTER Pro Hunts! This time we are going to hunt The Legendary Bull Moose RADAR! First we need to do some whitetail and moose Missions to see if we can get enough money to buy the 30-06… Let’s see if we can’t find a True Trophy Bull Moose!

Cabelas BIG GAME HUNTER Pro Hunts

My PC: IbuyPower Monitor: Asus 24”
Intel Core: i7-7700 CPU @ 3.6GHz / 16 GB Ram 64- bit Op System
Game Settings: Very HIGH Anisotropic Filtering: 16
Recording Settings: 1080 HD

Intro: Universal- Vibe Tracks & Cologne 1983
Home Stretch- Gunnar Olsen
Blizzards- Riot
Donations- Riot
Outro: Zoom- Vibe Tracks

Most Recent Video: Call of the Wild Cashin’ out on Elk!

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  1. I love your gameplay but next time you try to take down radar or you should retry because you should aim for the lungs well I'm not trying to be mean or anything

  2. Dang, I've never seen this game before. I love the bullet cam. And the video of the penetration. If it had Call of The Wild Graphics I would definitely play it

  3. After getting sick of The Hunter:Call of the Wild arcade hunting game, I went back looking for this and pulled out my PS3 to play it. Then I remembered I had traded it in. My biggest regret. Call of the Wild sucks.

  4. I never use the callers in this game. It makes it too easy. The animal comes in and turns broadside every time. Like it's saying here you go, I'll stick my side out for you.

  5. Hey DD33! Nice shot! It was a little far back. But it killed him! Also, where you shot Airplane, the Grey Ghost is a giant non-typical mule deer and you have to go through a lot of brush without him seeing you. Good luck!


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