Buckshot vs Bucks | theHunter: Call of the Wild 2018


TheHunter Call of the Wild Shotgun Hunting. Many people are not fans of the shotguns in theHunter Call of the Wild, so today, I’m showing my best thehunter call of the wild shotgun tips for leveling up your shotgun and unlocking the slugs!


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  1. Whenever i first got this game it was around the time the goose dlc came out and I got the dlc so all I used were shotguns cuz frankly that was my favorite thing to do in the game at the time so I basically have all shotgun ammo and shotguns unlocked and purchased.

  2. I am new to call of the wild I just shot my first bull (moose) I had to track for about a mile. What is the best winchest for a moose

  3. The pronunciation for the shotgun name is, pretty simply, "Catch-ah-tour-eh". Just means "hunter" in Italian. I'm looking forward to unlocking that myself in my own game soon!

  4. Are the shotguns bugged right now? I started using one last night and I'm getting 0% integrity on all my deer with buckshot. Frustrating :/

  5. I've got a few common brown bears, but cinnamon and light brown seem to be very 'common' as well, as I got quite a few of them


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